Is guild/alliance chat recruitment spam reportable?

If someone jumps into a guild, posts a recruitment ad telling people to leave and join their guild, then leaves, that should be reported as spam in-game, correct?


I’d say so.

You could also try contacting Support about it, to see if they can give you some guidance, and possibly take further action to prevent that player from continuing to do that.


If you guys haven’t already, set your alliance to invite only. This helps reduce the incidental traffic and spam.


Thanks. I checked and that alliance has posted out here recruiting.

The “player” name is the same name as the alliance so I suspect it’s an account for just that purpose, but I will contact support as well.


I would say my opinion on the matter, however I fear as it doesn’t agree I might get some nasty things said toward me and hurt my feelings or get my forum account banned

I found my Allience for life Allience by this type of recruitment and it helped me alot. In Allience recruitment chat I had to tolerate a large amount of obscene and utterly disgusting behaviour which made me want to quit the game tbh. Everyone has an opinion on this, it’s just that mine is 100% for this type of recruitment. Why is it an issue?

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Well, somebody who pops in like that is (1) sewing seeds to possibly destroy the alliance he’s visiting and (2) is not helping that alliance in its goals. Which means that it is abusive behavior. The easiest fix, as mentioned above, is to set to invite only. Then you have to actually accept a new member and can hopefully screen better.

I don’t know if it would be a good idea to ask for the game to force anyone who joins an alliance to stay for 12 hours unless kicked by an Elder. That might have too hard an effect on mercs and people of sister alliances helping out on titans…


I feel mercs is a violation as jumping in and taking and jumping out is kinda similar imo. Like I have stated when I was recruited by this style of recruitment it was done in a nice way and the few players in the Allience were happy for me to go. I don’t see how it is sewing seeds for disruption far from it, a bit of a harsh statement if you don’t mind me saying.

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I believe someone who recruits by joining an alliance to spam in game chat is like a stranger turning up at your house and running amok. Yes lock the door - invite only! :angry:

You can not compare this sort of individual with a merc who a. was probably invited b. is helping the alliance and c. you’d invite back again.

There are better less intrusive ways to recruit people


I believe this is a big issue of the whole aliiance recruit system as it is arranged now.
It is too difficult to find alliance in chat as it is overspammed, and visiting other alliance is an abuse(i personally was abused by former team member who did not hit a titan but always suggested we call for a merk… not herself as she did not like the general chat room :slight_smile:

I think if it was possible to check alli statistics (e.g. flags unused in war, average)+ some feedback based rating it would help everyone .

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Welcome to the forum @4paws_long_tail. Are you referring to Alliance Recruitment in global chat? If so, I agree it is a pretty hectic place to be to find a great alliance. There is an Alliance Recruitment area in the forum - much easier to read through.

I hope leadership was on hand to deal with the ex-alliance mate you spoke about - not cool!

If your last comment is about an idea you have to improve the game there is an ideas section. :smile:

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I have seen some people search for “zombie alliances”, with a leader that has been absent for a long time, and usually several members as well…and enter to recruit. I have personally spoken with players that ended up in those groups as a new player and just stayed, thinking that was the norm.

In those cases, I don’t see it as an abuse or spam per se, and the players I talked to were grateful that they got out of those groups.

I do think it is disrespectful to do this to an active alliance…poaching is really what I consider it…but I don’t feel it is a reportable offense, as there aren’t any specific rules against it that I am aware of. Just poor form IMO.

Hopefully in a good alliance, where people are happy to be there, and feel appreciated, they wouldn’t be tempted to leave in the first place.


If you were to join an alliance with let’s say for argument sake, 8 members and only 5 hitting the titan which is say a 3/4*. Some of those members may not know that they are getting poor loot because of it, I personally have seen many people recruited this way and have been very thankful because of it (as they never had the knowledge) you’re not forcing anyone to move anywhere, only giving options, if they dont like it they can move back… but I feel it’s also very inconsiderate to “pull the wool” over your members eyes if they were the sort to move and progress into the game. If they’re not the sort then they can always ignore the message and move on. To get angry over the message is like saying I don’t want my members to think for themselves.
I have seen this message posted in such an alliance as mentioned above and I think it’s very to the point and is also a polite way of doing it.

“Did you know you have to hit at least 5* titans for a chance to get 4* ascension materials, you should consider moving to an active alliance that kicks inactive members that only hold back the team… you’re not going to progress in the game staying in an inactive alliance… You could consider joining us, for better loot and a way to progress, we’re currently on 8* titans and climbing!”

A lot of people don’t know that information in that message above and are appreciative of seeing it. At the end of the day, we all want to progress and to stop that is just as bad as being a “spammer” or worse.

As long as you offer your opinion respectfully, don’t attack others, and you don’t encourage people to violate the rules, you shouldn’t have any issue.

That said, when advocating for joining another alliance for the purpose of trying to recruit its members, you are likely to get replies by people who don’t think much of the practice.


I think as long as it’s in a respectful manner then what’s the issue, in my opinion.

On what basis are you making this claim?

Someone told me that a while ago who apparently has contact with beta testers, so with there being no statistics posted from the developers its seems legit to me, I’ve also never experienced a 4* mat from less than 5* titan

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Insulting other players is against the forum rules. If you disagree with someone please focus on debating the ideas rather than attacking the poster.

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I agree! The recruitment process really needs a better system, both for the players looking and the alliances recruiting.

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I have also experienced filling an alliance from 12 members to 30 in a matter of about 40 mins total recruiting time by a member. Each new recruits was very grateful and has since started playing more competitively and experiencing the game to a higher potential than before. The leader may not be happy but the members who join usually are

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