Is green a prohibited color?


How is that even possible?? :smiley:

haha dunno, tonics love me ! Scored 5 in the past 3 weeks, 2 of them were from a Dark Chest too

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I have 14 telescopes and “0” blue 5* hero.
we could exchange :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies, glad to know I am not the only :3 There must be a special line of code doing that to us.

Crazy observation but… could that be because of avatar you use? :rofl: I’ve been using red heroes 95% of time I play… IDK I’m gonna switch to green for a month, we’ll see :rofl:

I will legit give u 6 tonics for 1 scope mate lol

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I play with two accounts and found that it seems to be usual to have a strong and a weak colour. For my first the weak is also green and strong blue. Second account got strong red and weak yellow. So universe hates everybody but a different way :wink:

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8 months of playing. Spent about 8000 gems on epic troop summons. Not a single dark 4 * troop until now. Three dark 5 * queing for tabbard but so far only managed to collect 3 tabbard. I guess every other gamer does have their own ‘issue’.

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it is the effect of randomness

I’ve got 4x Green 5* heros , and 0 Yellow 5* Heros,

a bunch of Dark and Blue 4* troops, with no Green 4*troops

The truth is - you are just unlucky. I play for not so long, but did my fair share of summons, and I pretty much have equal numbers of 5 and 4 stars of each color.

After exactly one year of gameplay:

16 4* troops:

  • 4 red (2 mana, 2 crit)
  • 4 purple (1 mana, 3 crit)
  • 3 yellow (1 mana, 2 crit)
  • 3 green (3 mana, 0 crit)
  • 2 blue (1 mana, 1 crit)

15 5* heroes:

  • 5 blue (Aegir, Magni, Isarnia, 2 Richards)
  • 4 green (Lianna, Elkanen, 2 Kadilens)
  • 3 red (Gravemaker, Marjana, Khagan)
  • 2 purple (Kunchen, Hel)
  • 1 yellow (Vivica)

I desperately need a yellow 5* - Vivica is gathering dust since I got Kunchen.

So as you can see, many players have bad luck to particular color.

really, all we, have one color is hard for got.
I too is green…
kadilen is alone in my list.

I only put it to the maximum, because I have no other option.
After all the time playing, I have +22 tonic. creating dust on the shelf.

For about 6 month of 100% f2p and about 200 EHT, gems and Atlantis coins summons, I was left with 0 (zero, nada, none, rien, niente, etc.) 5* heroes. Then, my first TC20 came online and a few weeks later I was the proud owner of three shinny brand new 5* vanilla heroes, al three of them of the same color… I’ll let you guess what color they all were… (yes, green, of course…)

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Elk, Kad and Horgh? :wink:

Riiiiight! Elk got the first set of tonics, I’m closing up on the second… two more to go… don’t know what I’ll do if no Liana or some other worthy 5* comes along… guess I’ll ascend the ent… can’t wait forever for a HOTM…

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I’ve been picking up trap tools like crazy. Think the game is telling me to go to the Dark side. Weakest in tabards though.

Legendary Troops

Legendary Heroes

Epic Heroes

Alright a little update. Got 2 new heroes today, guess what color are they?

21 x red
12 x yellow
9 x blue
8 x purple
3 x green

Somebody tell me it’s just coincidence or bad luck and I’ll raid c**p out of you today :tipping_hand_man::dagger::peach::poop:

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