Is green a prohibited color?

This topic is to discuss color disproportions in this game. Leave your answer do you face the same thing. After a year of gameplay, I managed to collect:

15 epic troops:

  • 7 red (2 eaten already)
  • 0 green
  • 8 other

3 Legendary heroes

  • 2 red
  • 0 green
  • 1 other

29 Epic heroes

  • 9 red
  • 3 green (got 1 new just recently)
  • 17 other

And my epic heroes are mostly duplicated but it’s another topic.

Hard to believe but my first epic hero was Little John (green) and my first rare asc item was a sturdy shield, but then I struggled to collect a second one for like 3 monts :smile:

Do you believe it’s normal or the universe hates me?

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Unfortunately just hates you. I’m at 9 months and i’m overloaded on green.


It’s just variance doing its best to make sure we have some outliers in our population.

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That’s some really crappy luck. Green was, in fact, the four-star troop I had the most trouble getting. Playing since September 2018, but I finally got one over the weekend. It’ll come, but the wait can be rough. If it makes you feel any better, the classic legendary greens seem to be the most unimpressive of all the colors. Lianna and the misfits.


Ton of green luck here. Yellow? Not that is another story.


Green abounds…it’s blue that is prohibited! I can’t draw a 4* blue troop for the life of me!


In 2 months, will be a year that I’m playing.

Got 15 x 5* so far, aaand, 0 purple.

Everyone has his forbidden color it seems.

Good luck to us :slight_smile:


I have 12 4* troops and 5 of them are green, 3 red, and 2 each of purple/yellow. I’d trade 3 greens for a single blue one!

I’m so sadly unlucky that I have to say greens AND yellows hate me :persevere::open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

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Think its just unlucky mate ! I have 6 Green 4* troops, more then any other colour.
I got Zeline early in the game (yew!) but since then all 5* have been the meh vanilla’s (tree man, elf boy, elf boys gf) and Lianna is dodging me like the plague. Goood luck tho I am sure they will come :slight_smile:

Tons of green. It’s the AM for green that are prohibited. . . :thinking:

I was in the same boat, but for purple 4* troops. At a year, I had at least 2 of each other color (including 5 blue), but hadn’t gotten a purple. Then, I got 2 4* purple troops within a week. I tend to get things in streaks (Including 4 compasses in 4 days)!

I’ve been playing for nine months. I have nine 5* heroes. 4 green, 4 purple, 1 blue. :slight_smile:

I’m overloaded in green… have only managed to ascend one of the 4 green (Lianna) to final ascension so far.

I also am overloaded in 4* green: 2 Little John, 1 Skittleskull, 2 Melendor, 1 Hansel, 2 Caedmon, 1 Kashhrek.

Just variance in the RNG, it seems.

Good gaming!

The nature of randomness is random. I have roughly 8x more blue troops than any other colour.

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For me, green heroes seem to climb out of the woodwork and jump into my roster. The only one I’m missing is Yunan. Unfortunately the 3 and 4* ascension materials for green are my perennial rare drop, so I can’t even max out all my decent 4* greens, let alone do final ascensions on any more of my good 5*s.
Conversely, I have an awful time getting good purple heroes. But guess which color ascension mats love me like green heroes do?

Definitely not. I have more green heroes than any other color.

That’s just the nature of random distributions. After 7 and a half months of gameplay, I am happy that I got atleast 1 of each:

15 epic troops:

  • 5 yellow (4 mana, 1 crit)
  • 3 green (1 mana, 2 crit)
  • 3 blue (3 mana)
  • 3 red (2 mana, 1 crit)
  • 1 purple (1 crit)

11 Legendary heroes

  • 4 purple (Sartana, 3 Kunchens)
  • 3 yellow (2 Justice)
  • 2 green (Tarlak, Hatter)
  • 1 blue (Thorne)
  • 1 red (Anzogh)

For epic heroes, I have atleast 5 of each colour so am not listing them here. :slight_smile:

Green and red…if you notice, you’ll only spend a lot of money. I will not invest any more, i do not know you.

I think it’s the AI Universe putting you in its random variation of weirdness. For me it’s a lack of Blue. I have lots of green and yellow characters followed by purple and red.

Here , take some while my back is turned :wink: I dont mind

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