Is grave maker good to ascent

Just get gravemaker today finally.
My question is the gravemaker is good to ascent it
Want ur opinion pls thanks

Who else do you have, and what do you want to use him for?

If you have the mats then I would say yes

I have delilah 3.60 perseus 3.70 kiril 4.70 g.jackal 4.66 scarlett 4 70

What u mean by math i dont have

For red i have colen 4.70 n scarlett 4.70 only

Go look at top ten players’ teams. The answer is there

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Then yes, if you have the materials, ascend Gravemaker

Gravemaker is great and definitely worth the mats. I’d rate him in the top 4 red 5*s with Ares, Marjana, and Red Hood.

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Thanks for your advice i will ascent him now

I didn’t say math I said mats which is short for materials

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