Is Gobbler relevant yet?

Sorry that the quality also is a bit too low.

But yes, i won. :wink:

Skadi got up to 4 stacks and gobbler even helped again.


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Thanks for this. Perhaps you’ve convinced me to toss some emblems Gobbler’s way

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As the person who have Grimble and C.Gormek.

Yes gobbler is good nowadays.
I am also trying to lvl him up asap (don’t bother to lvl him first before cause of ridiculous stats) and also Skadi.

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I have Gobbler at 4-70, zero emblems. I typically monochrome my war flags (with the sixth flag being a little hit or miss on that: 4-1 is typical). And Gobbler has come through for me in each instance I’ve called him up (which is only twice).

My troop development is relatively poor (I slacked on things for about a year, and it shows), but i usually send him in with two healers and my best defense troop equipped to him. So far, it has worked.

But now I find myself wishing that I hadn’t fed the Gobbler dupe away. Especially since I only have Uraeus as my other minion-killer, and he hasn’t been leveled yet.


I’m gonna max it. Maybe emblems too.

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He doesn’t look particularly interesting (read sturdy enough) without emblems.

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Wow. Congrats!

Btw I think Gobbler is underrated too.

If you’re a new F2P player, then I believe he is just fine. However, in general…no…he is not relevant at all. As is, the only way he ever will is if they put out more minion-producing 4-Stars. Till then he is just a stop-gap till you get something better. Till then, he will continue to sit on my bench (since day one) unfed along with Agwee and Boomer.

Am I the only one thinking that not only these Pokémon wars are boring/ridiculous but they also make the wording of some cards cumbersome?

Deals 235% damage to all enemies is unequivocal: it should apply to all the things hitting/hurting/damaging you.

Minions in E&P are rewriting the concept of AoE.

No Gobbler is the suk

He was irrelevant back when he had a def of 450, worse than some 3*s. Since he was rebalanced, he seems an excellent option, barring something better, for dealing with the minion-heavy meta. Emblems certainly help survivability.

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My 20 emblem captain went to war against 4785 Bera tank. While it is true you can hardly tell he hit if you only consider the damage to the heroes, but getting rid of 2 minions per hero adds up to a really big hit!
I find c-Gormek costume to be too squishy vs heroes like Frigg, but you can get CoD’s defense over 800, and he can survive a hit from anyone providing he hasn’t taken too much swipe damage.

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While that is true he is a couple of universes behind the likes of Skadi.
The push on pokemon wars demands an update on 4* cleansers because just going to war with a minion remover/killer is like going to war short by 1.

But TBH the whole pokemon-meta begs for review: #GoTeamRocket

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Gobbler’s special should very efficient to against minion maker, but unfortunately those heroes are 5* except buddy, and even worst is most of the 5* heroes are way powerful or overpowered. I think he could be more useful if also prevents all opponents to generate minion on next 3 rounds. Of course, he is 4* so ideally solution is make more 4* minion maker hero.

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