Is Gobbler relevant yet?

Subtitled: Why does cGormek seem so much better?

We haven’t had a Gobbler thread in almost a year, and with so many minion-generating heroes now the old discussion may not be relevant…

I drew Gormek’s costume in February, and he’s been a nice add to my minion-munching arsenal. I’ve noticed that Gobbler’s stats are actually very similar.

Gobbler was my 3rd ever 4* green, so I took him to 3.60 right away but he’s been sitting there for nearly 2 years. Is it time to give him shields?

With costume bonus, I can charge cGormek in 9 tiles with a level 5 mana troop (which I happen to have). Gobbler takes a level 23 mana troop (which I don’t have) or a level 17 mana troop and talent level 20 which takes a whole lot of druid emblems tied up in a niche hero…

Also cGormek fits well with the soft hitting reds I take him with (Vanda, JF and Lady Loki) leaving a good chance there will be minions for him to munch by the time he fires. My green companions Lianna, Almur, and Caedmon are fast hitters it would be more difficult to time the minion generators for Gobbler.

I also have a Grimble that I use a lot and a leveled, unemblemed Capt of Diamonds that I almost never use. Capt usually sees some life during minion wars but that’s about it.

So any thoughts on Gobbler? There are lots of heroes that are generally unloved but getting use anyway. Is Gobbler one of them?


IMO, it depend, and you already anwered. And based on your statement, I would plan to continue my Gobbler to max, he is at 1.10, after Tettuth maxed, I would plan to level him.


Well detailed analysis and comparison of the minion munching heroes snaps fingers

Imo, Gobbler is still a ‘fun’ hero to level and use moreso than being a ‘useful’ hero. He is very niche, and if you have a deeper roster there are plenty of better heroes that could take a slot instead. Greens are personally my weakest hero group but I quite literally never use Gobbler. Maybe for the Trials (Emblem Challenges), but only for fun


I have him maxed with emblems. He’s only used in Undead Horde wars but I have lots of Druid emblems. I also have Capt of Diamonds at 4-70 and Grimble, so they form part of 3 separate attack teams.

It’s not that he’s a bad hero, but my 4* green lineup has better heroes (Brynhild, Almur, cCaedmon, cMel, Peters) so even in tournaments he doesn’t find a place. His average speed doesn’t help either since I pulled Jack O’Hare recently who also hits all but at Fast speed.

If there are more minion summoners at the 4* level then maybe he would find a use again.


This is the biggest thing as his costume bonus boosts his stats. That being said, I have a Gobbler and starting to emblem him for variety. But really I have 2 cGormeks already to go. I ended up picking up another 3. Gobbler could be useful if I want to color stack or match.


Yup this is the other thing. And I just got Tettukh a few days ago who went immediately to the front of the line…


Gobbler is a good hero to have against ice summoner heroes in Frosth, Krampus and Glenda since his element is strong against them, especially more so if you still lacked better green heroes. The problem with him, along with several other heroes with unique skills released for the first time (Inari, Drake, etc.), is that subsequent heroes released that are better at performing their tasks, i.e. Grimble, costumed Kadilen, Dr. Moreau, etc.


So I have no anti-minion heroes (except for Uraeus who I am currently levelling) and my Gobbler still sits at 1/1.

My main concern is his durability even with the stat boost he got previously. I dont think hed survive long enough in war to get a chance to be a game changer vs minions before being wiped (especially in arrows) and would need so much support to keep alive whereas I could build a team that still synergies well and could perform better without him as a direct minion counter


Maybe the “problem” with Gobbler is that he was ahead of his time, like Grimble.

I remember that the gnome, when he was released as a HOTM in December 2019, didn’t get so much love as there weren’t so many minion makers. Now he’s my main hero against Bera/ Freya/ Telluria tanks.

If we compare the stats of Gobbler and c. Gormek without emblems, they are practically the same except in the VIT (c. Gormek has 300 points more).


Here’s my maxed Gobbler (a very rare card I think :joy:) Went the Attack-Def path

He’s actually sturdy for a 4*


They should give him a costume, though what sort of costume a Chameleon should wear…


This may change things as I actually have so few druids that it may be possible to load them on him…

Actually you need mana troops 11 not 17, what makes it a bit better.

Actually just today I startes embleming gobbler in his way to 20. Because?

The Minion meta is insane. And therefore i am trying to have a hero roster that is able to do 6 war fights against freya/bera (sadly thats what top100 mostly is all about).

But also krampus and telluria both are regular guests on the field.

Currently I can use:
1 Team with skadi+20 and kirilcostume
2nd team with skadi+7 and kirilcostume

After that it gets harder:
3rd team has uraeus who is nice but doesnt kill minions effectively

4th team with gobbler will be ready in a few hours.
5th team is far in the future with grimble (sadly i got tons of great purples …)
6th team also far away with noor (again tons of great reds stand before her)

Of course gobbler is not “needed” but really really useful against the minion meta.

Never forget: gobbler and gormekC are the most powerful healers of the game ( if they clean 15 Minions :wink: )


His skill gives HP per killed minion so it’s a matter of keeping him alive until he can fire. The druid’s 20th node is +4% mana so he can be charged at 9 tiles with just a level 11 mana troop.


I have a Gobbler for a long time. But I just started leveling him, so I can only form an opinion later. My minion killer, I hope. I also have CoD but still haven’t leveled him, cause I’m not convinced of him.

I think if CoD hits someone with no minions, or he cannot kill minions (eg Telluria) he will quit. So I don’t like him as well

I think neither C-Gormek nor Gobbler are relevant in the current meta. Sure the first part of their special scales well but neither their damage nor their heal are good enough against 5* summoners. Most important to me though are the statlines of both heroes. In order to be relevant they need to have a beefy body otherwise they will die too easily if you have a below average board.

Honestly i don’t think they are reliable replacements to Grimble, Uraeus, Gefjon. At least this is true if your opponents in war field average defences above 4700. This might be different if you only face TP4500 or less.

None of my war attack teams are effective against bases > 4700. Fortunately my alliance has higher powered players for those.

Game hasn’t given me very many A+ 5*, and not Gefjon or Uraeus, so I have to make the best of what I have. I use cGormek pretty effectively against bases with 2 or more minion generators up to maybe 4650 TP

Well that depends on Enemy’s Line Up.

I don’t mind facing Tank Freya and Frost Flank.
C.Gormek will take out all 3 Minions from all Heroes which we can calculate around 3k damage , then finish it with Sniper.

He’s no Finley, but he hits at least 2

Just maxed him recently so haven’t used him a lot yet. Will test him out a bit


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