Is Gaillard still relevant?

I recently pulled him. I really hoped he was the other ice Gargoyle, well, that is life. Now I am wondering if I should level him or even give him some emblems as I have around 3000 sorcerer emblems. My blue is decent but I actually don’t have a strong sniper. Pengi is not a sniper at least not a strong one.

Here is my ice team
C Krampus/Melina/Lord Loki/Glenda/Pengi/Alexandrine/Frosth/King Arthur/Ariel /unleveled Alice

Question is relevant to what? At the very top level of play I guess he’s not since nobody cares for snipers anymore, but to all other levels of play he’s still a hard hitting hero with some nifty extra things going. Whether they’re useful enough for you will depend on a bunch of factors like how much are you spending, what are your available mats/emblems/aethers, do you have any family heroes to pair with, any synergy with other heroes in your roster etc etc.


He provides fiend protection, so he’s good against those types of defences. He’s fast and still has that gargoyle stoneskin.


Yes… 1000% yes! and I’m not a big fan of snipers. He hits so hard and makes Hannah, Elizabeth, Lu Bu, Senan and most fiend summoners utterly or mostly useless. He’s been my last man standing a good few times. I would leave Alice out in the cold and level Gaillard especailly if you have other gargoyles. Even without the family he’s still a hell of a hitter. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Just one gamer’s opinion.

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He’s a decent sniper and the stoneskin is super annoying. But as others already said, snipers have very little use nowadays in higher level game play. A few weeks ago I de-emblemed the only sniper I actually bothered to level the last year.

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As mentioned he’s still a hard hitting sniper and deals with fiends. He also shines in buff booster tournaments.


Not sure if I am at very top level or not. My alliance is around top 500. I typically raid at 2700-2800 cups.

I encountered cleaver recently and his fiends are quite annoying too. I don’t have a good counter hero for fiends now. Your message is well received. Thanks!

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No,I don’t have any plan for Alice. I do have El Duque so I guess that it makes more sense to level him up as my next ice legendary hero.

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  1. He´s a good sniper.
  2. Do you like snipers? Then there´s no reason to ignore him.
  3. If you do not like snipers he is not going to change your opinion on snipers.

I am ok with strong sniper but I like hit AOE hero better. The problem is that I don’t have any now. The real question is should I wait for someone else or start leveling him.

that depends on how much money you intend to spend on getting better heroes… and of course on your luck.

If you are not sure, you can wait for a second set of telescopes and only ascend him if you get nobody else by then, or you can level him to 3/70 and try him out a bit to see if you like him.

I have him at 3.70. I don’t hate him… But only against tanks that give fiends. Charge him in 7 tiles and then set of the tank and the bulk of their special is neutered.

But with the hotms giving the same protection… Yeah… he’s s but redundant and not special.

Last batch of HOTMs reduced his anti fiend solution advantage with 2022 ending.

I haven’t started mine as I have other blue projects that add better value
And Arco
does a better job for me.

Gaillard is missing a cleanse fiends function. Sniper plus prevention is not on par with where an event hero should be.

True, but he also stops the ailment and fiend damage for 4 turns. It is a pseudo cleanser to fiend.


To turn your sniper into an AoE hitter, pair them with Wilbur (non costume), or whichever version of Gunnar shares the damage across the enemies.

He could be a decent sniper solo . I team him with CMagni and they were awesome together . Now I teaM him with CMagni and Quintin . Lights out . I like him a lot . Relevant? I am very much in the yes camp


Agree with the general sentiment that I don’t see Gaillard as being “irrelevant” unless you either find snipers irrelevant altogether or unless anything but the Very 100% Best Pure Sniper in the game is: he hits like a railgun and protects himself with Stoneskin to boot, and that’s just general use — if you want anti-fiend technology in particular, then you’re very much looking at Sniper Plus.


That would be the worst of 2 worlds: You add a hero that does no damage to make a sniper worse?

The point of a sniper is to do a lot of damage to 1 target. The point of an AoE hitter is that he deals a lot more total damage while doing less to the individual target. Adding Wilbur does not increase the damage the sniper does, it only spreads it out evenly, which is worse. And yes he also does def-down, but the def down would still be there if you paired Wilbur with an AoE hitter, which would be the far better choice to start with. It really makes the sniper worse in comparison, not better.

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