Is Frigg still worth LB?

Have enough nature aethers to LB a hero. My question is if Frigg (fully emblemed) is still worth it?
She’s obviously still a great hero but is not the powerhouse like she used to be.

My other option is Grace but no emblems and I was planning to use my druid emblems on Gazelle. My current 5* nature project is Cristobal.

Love to hear feedback and see votes. Lets her the voice of the people!

  • Who to LB?
  • Frigg
  • Grace
  • Cristobal
  • Wait for another hero

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She’s still worth it. A green hard hitting defence down to all is still great value in todays game. I have her LB and I use her a lot in all game aspects.

Yeah, this isn’t even a contest, man. A fast def down to all that also hits a decent amount? 100% LB Frigg. I say the same thing in our alliance chat over and over. Do NOT level or LB a hero based on how you think they perform defensively. Defense is completely overrated. LB heroes that help you kick someone’s a** on offense. Frigg is still an amazing hero offensively.


Makes sense. Frigg is a staple of my green team I use for all aspects of the game. Thank you all for the feedback!