Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda


The case of Kadgeburado or Zeline is not the same as GVM. When they are up to the top, Kadgeburado will be able, at best, to kill a rival (which I doubt), but that will either lianna or Sartana, which are Tc20, among others. The problem with GVM is that it is first overrepresented, starting at 2600, finding 2 flanks GVM is normal, I have seen up to 3 (test the published figures). When they are up, given the assigned class and with troops of minimum 11, they will load the 2 with 4 chips and kill 4 opponents in a single move. GVM is already a problem that will become impossible in the future. And it is not worth saying that others will come out, nor will we all have them, nor, with the nerfeo of booties, could we upload them (but it is another problem, the error that SG is committing, which gives for another thread).


Ahaha you can’t compare kage to Lianna or sartana

He’s on a whole new level


GM is op. That’s why he’s so prevalent as has been pointed out. And I doubt SG will balance him until they milk him on an Atlantis feature. So money grubbing makes for boring and repetitive raiding. So tired of running Wilbur Sonya ares Triton zimkity or rigard against the sea of gm but seems to work the best of what Ive tried hope the next round of balancing brings more diversity to diamond tier but I’m not holding my breath. Played a lot of mmorp pvp and all balanced and tweaked things much more frequently than happens here.


That’s a poor defense… I beat those easily with rainbow and no cleanse. A stacked team would destroy those defenses.


Guin and Kage are more accessible


No, GM was out for 30 or 31 days, forget his month… Kage was out for 6 days, Guin i think 12 days now? Not to mention the odds were 2 to 3 times better to draw GM vs Kage or Guin…


Gravemaker being Very Fast is insane. I dont have him but playing against him in raid is suicidal. Also you need to get a blessed draw of the board (and how often does that happen) or your screwed. I dont Raid against him…frick that…your thoughts?


I tend to agree that he should have been a fast instead of very fast, or spread his DOT over another turn or two (like Marjana who is fast and damage spread over SIX turns). But he’s manageable with a cleanser and/or a stack of blues.


Yes, you need to beat Gravemaker.

But I don’t see him as hard to beat. As a tank I had very good luck stacking Alasie, Kiril, and Grimm. One good 5* plus two good but very accessible 4* blues. I don’t even have another blue 5* maxed, but I’m pretty sure that others would do the job just fine.

Kiril, Grimm, and Sonya would seem worth a try. Pretty sure I’ve done it on my second war attack after using Alasie, and having reasonable success there too.

I contrast that with Guinevere, who my similar set of purples (one 5* plus choice of 4*s) does far worse against. Partly because Khiona is average instead of fast. But mostly because Guin can keep my heroes from charging specials.


I can confirm that this works quite well. I have no blue 5*, so that’s my normal GM strike crew. Triton is also a very reasonable option if you go Blue/Purple with Rigard and Proteus.


Even if you get had boards against GM, Hope is not lost. You can survive his special, heal/cleanse and move on, and still win the raid. Contrast with guin where if you get a bad board, most of the time you are sunk.


Avalon has probably made more money for this game than anything save maybe last December… which had Avalon.

How much did people dump on Hel or Alby when they were short S2 heroes? Burrito has been up twice and will be up again next month albeit bad odds, people will spend in that window.

You seem to be not comprehending that people spend furiously for the hero they want in a short time. Days on the market does not equate to more heroes in the game. Not when you throw Guins name in the hat.


No, totally wrong. Waaaaaay more people have Gravemaker than have Guin or Kage combined. Ill bet my account on that.


They know GM is popular. He will end up in Atlantis someday. That will make SG money. They wont nerf him before that. Then a bunch of people spent a bunch of money to get him. They’re not going to nerf him after that with a bait and switch move. If for some reason he is… that spells the end of my days with this game. I’m sure others feel the same. People act like he’s overpowered. I have no issues with him in any position thay I wouldn’t have with another strong hero. Neither would any competent raider.


He just looks to scary to win against him :rofl:


You’d lose an account


LOL riiiight… im not talking about people who started recently. The number of GM in the game likely dwarfs the number of Guinevere and Kage. And I hope he comes back to Atlantis soon and more people get him. He’s not hard to raid against. At least I dont think so, because I’m not an idiot and I know how to raid.

Edit: Counted up the totals in my own alliance, hangs around rank 150 to 250, mostly veteran players… we have 15 Gravemakers on the battlefield in 27 teams, 1 Kage, 0 Guin. Though going by the alliance spreadsheet, there are 2 Kage and 2 Guin total.


The high Gravemaker’s appearence is mainly because the other red heroes can’t find a place in this meta and that DoT, unlike direct damage, isn’t affected by -attack% damage modifier.

The only other 5* heroes with decent DoT damage are Lady Locke and Morgan Le Fay, Yunan and Rana but to keep a rainbow defense then you should replace Guinevere or Zeline… pretty unlikely to happen.


Also, GM came out as a hard counter to 2 of the top heroes in the game, Zeline and Alby.


I disagree that GM is OP. He’s a good hero and, as others have said, versatile but he’s not even close to being the most powerful in the game. Imho those that have trouble beating him simply happen to lack the right heroes. Same applies to any other hero, if you don’t have a good combination to counter him/her, they’ll be harder than others. I have more trouble with Alasie (I’m weak in green department), GM is not even a factor in deciding whether to attack a certain team or not. And I’m C2P who only occasionally gets whatever RNGesus deigns to give me. Used to have trouble with Guin, not so much anymore, unless the board is just really bad. Kage is far more OP, and that’s considering I’m strong in yellow. But I’m not demanding they nerf him. Imho it’s better to bring certain weak heroes more
up to speed than to nerf any remotely good hero into oblivion.