Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda


Man, no one still answered my question of “why is he found in 9/10 teams in the top 100 and top 10 alliances”


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My guess is because people think he’s the best hero for the position they’ve put him in. However it does not logically follow that just because something is the best for a given job, that it is too good or overpowered.


Yes. In other languages, Guinevere is Ginevra, Geneva, and I think Geneviéve.



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So your theory is that if people use him he’s overpowered? Gotcha.


People using him would be him appearing on 4-5 / 10 teams my dear friend Glenn

He’s way past that


They use him because he’s a good hero. Zeline is more devastating then Gravemaker. I use Gravemaker in my red team but I mainly use fast mana heros. Nothing wrong with having a good hero. Do you think Alasie or Zeline are broken too? See how many times they are in the top 100


No lol

Magni is a better sniper than alasie but I’d take Athena over both of em

Hell I’d probably even prefer facing alasie over Richard in a raid

Zeline is strong, but there is alby and tarlak and soon to come green panther

No one even comes close to gravemaker and that’s a problem and why he’s considered op


I also don’t think it’s Gravemaker himself that is overpowered. The top players have started flanking Guin with fast heros like Zeline and Gravemaker which makes raiding them harder. You see a double Gravemaker flanking Guin. You know they are going off quick. Or Gravemaker tank with Zeline flanker. I think this new strategy with top players makes it harder to raid vs having one hero overpowered.


I answered that in my first reply.

“Because he is effective.”

I am sorry that is not a good enough answer, but the truth is not going to fulfill your confirmation bias.

Someone in my alliance goes hunting for Grave tanks and kills them to move up the leaderboards with regularity. Uses a team of 4 Blues plus 1 of whatever he feels at the moment. Grave is effective but not, as you claim, overpowered.



I’ve got a theory on why you see GM so much.

First, he’s a fairly recent hotm, which means he is relatively easy for people to have gotten him, and have had time to level him up and come up with rings to finish him. (Event 5* heroes are much harder to get, so fewer people have them)

Second, he’s a very good choice of hero to ascend (He’s the second 5* I maxed, and the first red 5*) because he’s pretty good at everything. He’s good on raid offense. He’s OK against titans. He’s good on map levels / challenge levels. He’s good on defense, and he’s effective in pretty much any position on defense.

There are heroes which are great defensively but not otherwise as useful (ex: Guinevere, Kashhrek). There are heroes which are good offensively, but weak on defense (ex: Jackal). There are heroes that can be powerful at least in some circumstances/configurations but are challenging to use effectively. (ex: Justice, Cyprian)

It is really hard to misuse Gravemaker badly; he’s pretty darn good at everything.

Yes, he’s powerful, and yes he’s popular; that doesn’t mean he’s overpowered, and certainly doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable.

My observation about him as a tank is that, I normally raid 3/2 with three strong color stacked against the tank, and have a very good success rate against Gravemaker and most other tanks. (My exception is Guinevere who I find I have a very poor success rate that way, and have had best luck against her with my monochrome red or yellow teams; If I had stronger purples I might be able to raid against her 3/2, but I almost doubt it. She IS overpowered as a tank, compared to any other.)


Wikipedia uses the next definition of ‘‘overpowered’’.

“Overpowered (often abbreviated to OP) is a common term referring to a perceived lack of game balance. For something to be deemed overpowered, it is either the best choice in a disproportionate number of situations (marginalising other choices) and/or excessively hard to counter by the opponent compared to the effort required to use it.”

Is Gravemaker the best choice and/or excessively hard to counter by the opponent?

  • Is GM the best choice as tank?
  • Is GM the best choice as flank?
  • Is GM the best choice as wing?

  • Is GM the best choice in your raid attacking team?
  • Is GM the best choice in your event attacking team?
  • Is GM the best choice in your titan team?

  • Is GM excessively hard to counter while facing him in defense teams?

I do not have GM and I do not face him very often, since I’m raiding in low Diamond / high Platinum. The answers to above questions depend on what heroes you have available and ascended. But for now to answer these questions let’s assume that we do have all heroes available and ascended.

Here’s my answers:

  • Is GM the best choice as tank?
    No. I think it is safe to say that Guinevere is.
  • Is GM the best choice as flank?
    I do not know. But I guess one of the BEST choices.
  • Is GM the best choice as wing?
    I do not know(!).
  • Is GM the best choice in your raid attacking team?
    Depends on what other heroes you are up against, but I guess he will never be the BEST choice.
  • Is GM the best choice in your event attacking team?
    Probably the same as the answer to the previous question?
  • Is GM the best choice in your titan team?
    Heck no.

The last question does not have an easy answer.

  • Is GM excessively hard to counter while facing him in defense teams?

As for how I see this it depends on four factors.

  1. The position GM takes inside the defense team.
  2. The heroes who make up the defense team along with GM.
  3. The strategy you use to attack the defense team (color stacking, hero choices, who to aim your specials on, creating gaps at what places etc.)
  4. The distribution of gems on the starting board and throughout the entire fight.

Factor 4 (boards) is RNG, but can be partly influenced by the choices we make. However, with a lucky board any raid will be easy and with a terrible board every raid will be tough.

When I think about the other 3 factors, there are so many ‘‘what if-s’’ and ‘‘but-s’’ that it’s really too much to write down.

Considering the answers on the other questions and that there are 4 important factors involved to answer the last question I would say that GM is definitely not overpowered as a hero in general. I would say that, for example, Ares is more overpowered in general.

To give my single answer to Is GM excessively hard to counter while facing him in defense teams?

  • I do not believe he is, because I believe his real strength depends for a ‘‘too’’ big part on what heroes are alongside him.


Why is Gravemaker appearing so much on defending teams?

  • Rainbow defending teams are like the 90% of the top 100
  • Ares lost the best tank’s throne to the queen
  • All the other reds are either slow, with low attack score or ineffective to hold trophies
  • He is a good tank and a safe investiment for the ones who doesn’t have Guinevere (yet)


ANSWER: he’s a good hero lol. Same reason competitive players put any hero on their defense that they think will keep their cup counts relatively high.

that’s like asking why they use zeline or guin lol

there’s just not an answer you’ll accept because you keep getting smacked by Gravemaker

just because a hero is good, doesnt make it overpowered

In your mind it has to be the devs, the game, and the hero’s fault that you have so much trouble vs this hero, but in reality it’s your fault. if you spend as much time strategizing and learning as you do complaining, Gravemaker would be a non issue for you.


Gravemaker is not overpowered at all. In fact, right after he came out people were requesting he be buffed!

I barely pulled for him. I don’t know how to wxplain why i pulled for him and why i almost didn’t, so I’ll tell you my process:

I looked at his stats “okay they’re decent. Nothing special, but decent. ”
I looked at his special “hmm most of the damage is over time; in a raid that can kill me and he doesn’t hit hard enough for titans.”
I looked at his mana speed “yeah, okay i guess that makes up for the others, plus it’d be fun to have a very fast hero.”

Gravemaker is a good, fun all-around hero that’s decent to good in every situation.

Is he the best for raid offense? My gm is almost maxed now and i have to say no. He’s best against green heroes because of that extra damage dealt to them, but if i had a harder hitting fast mana 5* red I’d probably go with them. Gm hits often and hits well, but usually by the time i hit the opponents a second time my other heroes or the tiles have already finished them off, or their darn healer just undid the damage gm dealt. Not overpowered in raid offense.

Is he overpowered in defense? I’d have to say no again and it’s basically for the same reasons as above. There are plenty if heroes that can counter him and I’m not talking with stacking blues and dealing tile damage. Rigard for example is available to f2p and can cleanse allies of gm damage-over-time (DOT). Gm doesn’t hit too hard to wait on using rigard’s special, so all one has to do is wait for gm to go off then cleanse&heal. Don’t have rigard? Take two healers. They can take turns healing more than gm’a special took off. In the meantime your hitters are charging.

Is he overpowered on titans? Do i even have to answer this?

So now to answer your question on why he’s on so many top raid defense teams. I don’t know the answer to this for certain (I’m not a mind reader), but here’s my guess:

He’s a 5* very fast mana hero with decent stats and attack power. Also, as someone mentioned above, he’s a more recent hotm thus more obtainable. That’s basically it.

On both defense and offense teams you really want fast heroes. Slow heroes are much more likely to be killed before going off, and because gm is decent in every raid defense position, he’s in a lot of teams. A player says to themself “i have these heroes set up but i need one more flank; who should i put there? Gravemaker should last long enough to go off once and hopefully another, so I’ll put him.”

The same can be said for the wings, and as for tank they know he could go off 2-3 times before getting killed.

Most defense teams are rainbow; look at gravemaker’s counterparts and consider who you would choose for your rainbow defense team. Chances are it’s ares, who is very hard to collect, red hood, who is also difficult to collect, or gravemaker, who is owned by many. Which one synergizes well with the rest of your heroes?


Because they don’t have Guin :stuck_out_tongue:


Gravemaker is the best triple shooter, he’s very fast and there is nothing to dispel on him.
Guinevere is the best tank, alasie the best sniper and zeline the best for global shot.


I can easily beat Gravemaker with Grimm and Sonya. Even if he fires his special once I can still take him out. And you don’t need to color stack blue to turn him to dust. All depends on what heroes you take to the battle.

But if the board is bad he’s really hard to beat, just as every tank-ish hero in the game.