Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda


You post 1 example and think this automatically solves the issue

Post this video 100 times

Also should I even say anything about the board


Quit whining. He’s not overpowered. Easily beat. Just depends on who you bring to the fight. And the board doesn’t matter. 3 tiles to kill with 5 blues. Made my point.


And have to use 5 blue, and not 5 boriles, the best in the game. It’s the same, do not try it anymore, in this unbalanced game is wolf and aegir, they are caught like limpets to Gvm and gin and they will not touch each other, they will touch whatever may bother their game, uneven, monotonous, boring and lacking talent.


You’re funny

You proved my point of him being op when you have to use a 5 stack to take him out

Id love to see you try with a rainbow team


I haven’t used a rainbow team in 6 months. Maybe you need to change your strategy and try using single color teams. You will find raiding and challenge events much easier. And Gravemaker and Guin will not be so OP.


I wish my Gravemaker tank could hold cups. He is obviously not an OP hero, and plays much better on offense. Kiril, Grimm, and Triton hurt his badly.


That’s alot of the problem right now is damage dealers are better tanks at the moment. I don’t think it is a grave maker or a gueniver thing it’s just tanks … True tanks are lacking and could use a buff or in the least when a new “tank hero” comes out make them a true tank. Then players will have to decide what is better for the front man… a tank or a damage dealer.


I don’t use traditional tanks. I have Ares and Aegir but will probably never use them. I put my fully leveled heros out there as my defense team. I’ve stayed in diamond for ever it seems. I may lose 100 cups overnight but gain them back quickly with revenge attacks. I don’t understand why people worry about losing cups when they are so easy to get back


Different stages of the game. There was a time I would get burned out seeing -200 loss overnight but as your team gets stronger you realize that’s a drop in the bucket.

Same thing when people complain about certain heroes. Alot of players that have them are in a much more advanced stage of the game that they been here longer so of course they have more cards in the deck. After a while you realize it’s not so much the heroes as the skill of the player. Yes some teams are much harder than others but you move up and down the ladder untill you settle in where you really belong.


Don’t be a hypocrite

You say a hero isn’t op then you proceed to use 5 stack blue team to take him out

And then gets salty when you get told u got lucky with the board and to try with a rainbow team


You need to change your strategy if Gravemaker is to strong for you. If I try something and it doesn’t work I don’t do it again. I change something. If GM was so overpowered in your eyes why would you not 5 stack blue to counter? I have 5 single color 5 star teams and 5 single color 4 star teams.


Surely talent is imposed. You look at the first 5 alliances or the top 50 and you see in 95% of the cases the same with different variations: gin or GVM tank, GVM flanks, or two GVM or GVM and zeline, on the wings some detail, but come on, lianna, alasie, magni, of course alb, some panther or sartana. In attack, all the same, because the defense is the same, panther, hell oberon or sartana for gin and GVM of course, with some fast hitter. Come on, that over time the talent is imposed on the heroes (and you write that without laughing?). With the exception of Zero, Uclapack and some others, all of them are cloned, most of them have taken a good start and have to think new tactics, because there are no big green AOE hitters, that disable GVM and a vaccine for Geneva, they disappear in a week from the top


And you know the funny thing about this? That many if they can play, but they have no choice but to put that, why is that or disappear, which shows that Geneva and GVM are absolutely unbalanced. But they prefer nerfear Aegir, Wolf or whatever comes out and avoid any nerfeo to those two, they leave the comfort zone and show what they know and enjoy the game again.


You have 25 maxxed 5*s?


31 total 5’s.
6 maxed
14 at 3/70
7 at tier 4 but not fully maxed
4 either tier 1 or 2.


Oh I’m not saying some heroes are better than others in different circumstances, but remember there really are not a whole lot of 5* if you think about it.


Who is Geneva?



I’ve never had a problem with gm in raids, I’ve even goofed off in vids and left him as the last hero standing multiple times. But i also have alasie which once she nerfs his mana speed he’s relatively useless


Man I aspire to be like you, maybe one day I too can leave a tank as last man standing and make a very fast hero completely useless with a whopping -20 mana generation


At this point nobody can tell if you are trolling or serious.

Gravemaker is not overpowered.

He has, however, rendered the old style of slow tanks obsolete.

Could that be a mistake? Maybe.

But it is the state of the game.

No need to make things unpleasant just because you’re cranky.