Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda


You can defeat pretty much any hero easily with the right team its just everyone tends to use similar teams without switching it up to specialize against certain types. If you were to just protesus and Grimm together with some other 4* heros you could kill grave maker. It’s up to how creative the player can be in creating teams to fight


why does everyone think a hero is broken if they can’t beat them?

I can’t beat some heros but that just means I need to pick my teams smarter.

GM is annoying but not overwhelming. With a decent board when he is a tank he goes off maybe once. And then if it plays out Rigard is there to cleanse.


It seems that you lack skill and tactics and worthy heroes to fight against GM. All of his power is possible to deal with.

I lack all of those what comes to facing Guinevere, and you don’t see me demanding to nerf her. GM is not the end of the line, but mere obstacle to be knocked down with right heroes and tactics :slight_smile:


Of course, they do not know, but the nerves are all but those two because the clan gets angry. Nerfea Wolf, nerfe Aegir, nerfea Athena and others, those are well nerfeados, but yours, which are absolutely out of balance and control the top with double and triple of the two, is envy or do not know people play . Law of the funnel? Nerve? no way


I didn’t mean it as a step by step guide, just trying to be helpful. I can’t tell you how to go about beating him, I can only tell you what works for me!

If he’s the tank, yes, he’s almost guaranteed to fire off his special before you can do anything about it. More than likely, he’ll get it off twice. If you can’t cleanse or at least heal right after, yeah, you’re probably in trouble.

We’ve all got at least a couple heroes we just don’t seem to be equipped to deal with, it’s how it goes sometimes. I don’t like to fight Zeline or Lianna.


If gravemaker was nerfed he wouldn’t really be worth the six rings i spent on him—and i thought that BEFORE i got him. These days it seems every hero has someone crying for them to be nerfed…it isn’t the hero that needs to be nerfed, it’s the player who needs more experience and time to better their roster.


Before any of you come at me with “he’s not overpowered” “he’s underwhelming” “you’re just bad” “get good heroes”

Please explain why he’s 9/10 found in top 100 teams and top 10 alliances


I believe that @Denys was complaining that GM is too powerful, not powerful enough.

@Ber, I believe that English is not your first language, so please be aware that “lie” is a very strong word, one that has become a particular hot-button now with the state of politics in the USA. To “lie” means intentionally misrepresenting the truth with malicious intent. There is no reason to believe that the OP did any of these things. So cool down your vocabulary, please.


Sure, right after Guin and Zeline get their adjustments.


I’ve started colorstacking 2 against tank during raids, and as a result I have noticed one thing about a Gravemaker tank that I never noticed before: great synergy with a flanking Zeline. If I bring 2 blue heroes to take out GM quickly, then Zeline’s extra damage against blue heroes hurts a lot more. Bringing double red might work (until Athena reappears in the Atlantis summon, at least), but that combination is more often than not a reroll for me now.

Does that mean GM needs to be nerfed? I don’t think so; he’s still very beatable as others have said. I would like to see some new 5* TC20 heroes that are better able to counter powerful HOTM combos like this, though (in GM’s case, a faster cleanser than Vivica).


I don’t get why there’s so many posts arguing that “he’s beatable.” That means nothing when it comes to discussing whether a hero is too good or not. I would argue that a hero is considered too good when he or she is over-centralizing to the metagame.

I do think GM does have bad matchups, he hates anyone who mana blocks him / slows it down or who dispells his burn damage. There are various heroes too that can lower his defense to hit him harder when he’s a tank, lowering his attack stat also helps. The inverse (increasing your defense or your offense) can work too.

The question though is not whether he’s beatable, it’s whether he’s too good, and if the amount of effort to beat him - also whether you use him or not on offense - is too centralizing to climbing the leaderboard. I’m not experienced enough to make an informed opinion on this, but I think it’s worth thinking about what I said to further along discussion.


Ive fought against him. Raids where he goes off 3/4 and ive won. Its about the team you go in with.


I get your point, @DaveCozy. I can’t speak for everyone else, but when I said that he isn’t unbeatable, I meant I don’t usually have trouble with him. I was just trying not to insinuate that people who struggle with him aren’t as good as I am or anything like that. (I don’t like to offend people.)

I don’t usually need to make adjustments to my team when I see GM, so I don’t see him as overpowered. The thing that makes him tough is his mana speed of course. Nothing else about GM is spectacular, no unique effect or crazy high stats or anything.

You just need a fairly durable team. He’s not a problem for my style of play, but that’s just me. My raid offense isn’t exactly about dealing tons of damage quickly, it’s more about effects. Different styles of course have different strengths and weaknesses.

Where the OP struggles with GM, I struggle with Aeron, or others who block status effects or reduce my heroes’ mana.

No one is making anyone fight against Gravemaker or any other heroes they don’t feel they can beat. The reroll button is there for a reason.


Gravemaker to me is like most top tier heroes. You can survive one special firing but if he fires again you are in trouble. Guin, Ares, etc. all have a similar profile for me.

I use Rigard, Sartana, Ares, Persues, Isarnia (was Grimm) and unless he fires twice it’s usually a 'W" for the raid.


Please forgive me if I sound mouthy and unproductive, but Gravemaker is not broken and is not unbeatable.
Lazy play will make him unbeatable, sure.
I doubt anyone beats his team 100% in raids, but it can be done I have seen it and I have done it.

I win about 75% of my raids when he is there. When he is, I just change my team to include Sonya, Rigard, Kiril, Grimm and Drake. 3 Blues and he dies in under 10 tiles. if I manage the board right, he goes of just once. Sometimes I’m lucky and he dies first.

He is in the top 10/top 100 so much because he is effective.

I do not have him. I don’t spend on the game anymore. But he is not the antichrist.

You just need to play differently, is all.

If you don’t want to, then don’t.

Nothing will change if you don’t.


actually, the opposite has been stated many times. But whatever.
Back to the subject at hand…GM is strong, but as stated he isn’t unbeatable and any level. I win 75-80 percent of the time and I often raid much higher team power than I have.

I will say, the deeper your bench of reasonable heroes, the better the odds of winning against all the different monster heroes out there. So if you are early or even middle mid game I can understand that a hero like GM could be tough if you don’t have a mix of heroes that can help (and there are a number of way to approach defeating GM, not just one specific set),


My line of strongest Heros:
So we have to nerv others first.
But the better way is to buff weak heros a bit to get more balance. Bring them to shape and strong heros are not that strong anymore.


Stack 5 blue and he’s dead in 3



And this was a fully leveled Gravemaker