Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda

The guy is straight up broken in so many ways


He is OP as hell! Even on low levels if he’s in a team I get decimated, I’ve never beaten him once +I’m a level 26 :sweat_smile:


Player level has nothing to do in raids titans or even in AW.
Its just about more W.E and heros cap every while in your way up.

But don’t feel bad … I am lv 37 and I can beat GM.


@Jedon Sorry I’m a newb to the forums, first day haha, I don’t understand your abbreviations? Can you elaborate for me?

I just found it weird cos I’ve beaten lots of 5* hero’s but I get wrecked real quick whenever Gravemaker is on the scene, I just avoid him now haha :sweat_smile:

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He’s a beast, no question about it, but he’s by no means unbeatable.

My regular raid team has 3 greens, 1 purple, 1 yellow, and I take him down all the time.

Charge your specials, but avoid hitting him with tiles as much as possible. Stack blues if you need to, bring a healer/cleanser like Rigard or Vivica. Maybe a mana blocker like Hel, Proteus, Hansel or Gretel.

If you can’t take him down, reroll!

EDIT: Hope that didn’t come off as condescending, that certainly wasn’t my intention!


AW is Alliance War
HOTM is Hero Of The Month
W.E is World Energy flags you use to farm in map
GM is GraveMaker


As has been stated before, again and again, this is not true. You like to repeat your conspiracy theory to all the new players. If you are so convinced of this, why do you continue to play? I am honestly interested in your answer.


because I have invested time and money in this game. And nothing theory, explain why it was done and who did the Aegir and explain why, being a cry, do not touch Geneva, what is corruption and what are left over are the corrupt, not the players .

By the way, for the creator of the thread, look at the ranking of the first alliances and see how many gin and GVM you see, look at all the top 100 and you’ll see who lies here.

I don’t know why you think SG will explain to you why they decided to make the heroes the way they do or why they change the heroes… it would be interesting, of course, but highly unlikely.

How is he broken and how should he be fixed? Mine works just fine.


Gravemaker is moderately annoying in raids but by no means is he OP. It is always just a matter of assembling the right team to tackle the tank. Guinevere was a problem for me before, now she usually isn’t. When your roster expands, you have more options to tailor your attack team to a specific raid. Your level has nothing to do with it btw and 26 isn’t that high anyway. I’d say Zeline is much more OP than GM.

I think the approximate time when you start seeing any tank not as a big deal but as a puzzle to be solved is about the time when you start habitually raiding in diamond. By definition, this means you have a pretty good roster already and many options to choose from.


Is this topic balance grave maker’s sequel?


Lol, if i said to you that almost all beta tester at first considered him underwhelming?

But at first he has his special at 90%

They’ve actually nerfed Guinevere twice and had a 3rd nerf lined up before people started to complain and the 3rd nerf was very minor.
Far as GM being OP… You know a hero is OP when you see multiple copies of them in defenses. I’m not a fan of nerfs and I do like the challenge of hard to crack defenses.
The problem with GM is his def is too high for a hero of his type, he should be more of a glass cannon.
I personally bring a cleanse vs any team with him.


Yes I remember that, pretty sure his burn was a bit less too

Should have kept him like that

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No ones unbeatable, but there are a few overpowered heroes

Your step by step guide is like “how to do good in school” “do homework”

Sounds easy enough but in reality isn’t

How are you supposed to avoid hitting him and somehow charge all your heroes if he’s the tank?

You can’t

I use maxxed magni Richard and Grimm against him and it still takes 6 or more direct hits with blue tiles to kill him


That’s why he’s in almost every single top 10 alliance team

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With Boldstuck and Rigard Gravemaker isn’t a problem for me!

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Lower defence

Lower health

Lower speed to fast

Extend the burn damage turns

Lower burn damage

Remove extra damage against nature

I’m not saying do all of these but atleast 1 or 2

SG you’ve nerfed albi, ares guin Zeline Athena; it’s time to nerf gravemaker


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