Is F2P dead in E&P? Vote- Updated with poll

With alot of disgruntled seasoned members voicing concern or even deleting the game. The discussion is real…have the devs pushed F2P away?
Vote if you think that this is the case


Poll here, click link:

Hi scro

Sorry to hear of your frustration.

My input as a F2P grinder - I’ve found that by putting in the hours, which I enjoy in between work and home etc I have made decent progress.

After three months I have a main team of over 2800 and a bench consisting of every 3* at various levels. I will have a tc20 in a couple of weeks and then I just need a bit of patience :smiley:

I do my chests and challenge events and take all the good advice from you wise veterans so I have a little pool of ascension items.

And I really enjoy wars and find the matches work 3 times out of 4.

So, I think there’s hope and positives out there.

For noobs and vets alike, it’s really key to have reasonable expectations and understand the randomness of loot drops!


Thanks but the frustration IS not really mine, I sympathize with most of the players arguments stating that F2P has been superseeded by P2W. My entire point is that season 2 is still only a rumor, yet raids and AW are constantly being re-vamped to cater mostly to the pay to win players IMO. WHilst I pay for gems and have in the past, I respect the frustration of NOOBS, grinders and payers alike


The only thing that gives advantage to players is to have previous/current HOTM (and they said that the old ones will return one day), other things could all be achieved by spending… time.

So, not to me.

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Thanks for the input. But i’m not just talking about GRINDING here, Im talking about storyline also. remember that not everyone wants to battle for cups or raid someone else. Storymode offers a break and should be just as developed as the other aspects of the game.
I suppose part of my concern is that the game is LOPSIDED towards PAYERS, not all PLAYERS?

In that regard you are right, story is not progressing at all and that affect both players (FTP and paying ones).

I suggested a mirror campaign times ago in the requests thread (nightmare mode) to entertain masses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats quite a great idea, actually…THUMBS UP!

I don’t think it’s fair to say that F2P has stalled because there hasn’t been more story mode content. Easter, Xmas, Monthly events. A number of new ones have been added in the past several months, all content that is really the same as province map progression.

All the new heros are available to everybody. Yes, players who spend get more chances.

P2W players get more opportunity, but that opportunity is for something everybody has access too.

So my vote is no.


Ho do I unvote? I was going to vote no but I hit the button and it looks like it defaults to yes.

I have plenty of folks in my alliance who are free to play. Personally I think cheap to play is the way to go.

@rook - can you assist?

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Try clicking on it again. And if not, there is a tab of “your votes” somewhere where you can remove your votes.

This topic should’ve been a poll instead, it’s not an idea or a feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did the same thing too, thought there was a poll.
Click on the Voted icon and choose remove vote.

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My bad…That was what I was goinfg f:joy:or, tho

Thanks - this was it. Sorry @rook :slight_smile:

Is F2P dead? -> No! Not dead. If it would be dead, then the game would follow soon after for several reasons.
But it became significantly more unsatisfying.
The chests (all of them it seems) have been nerfed (e.g. diamond output).
Raid chests have been insignificant all the time. And titan chests weren’t much better.
But now also the monster chests just give 2 diamonds on average.
So please, don’t just write that HOTM are reachable for all. Just do some math to know how long it takes with those odds to get to 300 diamonds for just 1 pull and then dare write that F2P players just need a little luck.
AW never had a loot to speak of.
The titan loots are … well, mixed. Never had a real good one personally, but heard of some.
And the colored chests often have really good loot. But lately posts of this also seemingly be nerved accumulate. Don’t know personally yet.

The events are also not that easy as many think. With the reduced possibilities to accumulate diamonds, using many of those for events is not possible. And to use up 100s of items to just get the basic loots in the events, costs more than is probably gained.

F2P is reduced to: filling chests, poking some titans, AW (well, I personally find them boring from the start, good idea, but no thrill), and very very very slowly growing some strength … of course only using basic heros.


It’s an interesting question. I’ve put in $77 total and I consider myself more or less a F2P, since I did the grind early on and slowly amassed my ascension items piece by piece.

I disagree that the Storyline / Season 1 is the thing that widens the gap between P2W and F2P, though I think there is a hero gap, and this can affect free or spender alike; anyone that doesn’t have the top heroes.

I’ve seen F2P guys with HOTM and high level heroes, so “the spenders have it better” doesn’t necessarily wash with me, not always. :wink:


I had not considered alternative level/power heroes for all to obtain. OR better FREE methods to draw them as to level the playing field.

I think most people are looking at the past, in things that they went throught, the issue raised is if E&P has become p2w.

We have no gems quest anymore, the quest with a raid flask dissapeared and the troop token from the Recruits II. These 3 good quest have been nerfed or removed for quite time now. Also the recents changes to raid loot is a little bit nerf for most people, in my opinion.

Also the past HOTM have not come into play yet and Alby reigns, a long with guinevere, a almost impossible to get for a f2p hero, and all new heroes to the game came in events, so mostly not f2p. The content for a f2p person has decreased and the gap with good heroes is becoming more wide.

I am voting yes, even if i dont think f2p is dead, they are serious moving to this.

High level heros are no problem, with time.
I personally have no 5* yet, but I have my Grimm almost (well, will take a few weeks still) maxed.
And for me, Grimm is high level.
But HOTM are a complete different topic, now. When I started playing, diamond output for F2P was much better (read more) than it is now (and I am not counting the special diamonds for finishing some building to level 10 and so on). At the moment, getting enough diamonds for only one pull takes a really really long time. Not sure if a month would do.

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A side question: Is the $4.99 monthly VIP considered a Spender item or F2P or “neither/doesn’t matter”?

I’m prolly old-fashioned here, but I consider spenders those who spend…a lot…on a regular basis.

If the VIP is not a Spender item, it gives a lot of gems every month. Just sayin’ (reading your last sentence about gems).

Back to topic:

Yes, I remember when the chests gave 30, 40 or 50 gems, and commensurate prizes (if fifty gems, the goodies would be less).

I also would like to see the Recruit II quest token returned, even if it was only a daily summons token. :wink:


Well, 50 gems for a normal monster chest would be very nice, but even I consider that maybe too much (I can see both sides).
But, when I started, I got 3 to 5 gems from a normal monster chest. And 5 was not rare.
Now it is very often only 1 gem, sometimes 2, 3 tops (had twice I think).
That is a significant change if you are restricted to that source for gems.

I guess an elemental chest still can give 50 gems … not sure, some time since I had one.

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