Is everybody on-line protecting their cups or is it just my attackers? :D

So I log in and think I’m gonna go over my revenge options to scour for someone who has lots of food and 10/11 of the people I could revenge are on-line. Before today It was always like 1-2 mostly the ones that have attacked me in the past hour.

Is it just a coincidence or did the cup update turn people in angry dragons protecting their stashes? :sweat_smile:

No one is attacking me right now. (I usually have only a few throughout the day…)

If you have the update and they haven’t you cannot raid them


It’s something I’ve noticed during a new version rollout. After a big change you can’t seem to attack someone using the other version, the new one if you still have the old, or the old if you have the new.
There’s one right now in my potential revenge list who’s been off for 4 hours, but I still can’t do anything to, and tryjng to view their team tells me they are using a different app version.


Oh, that could be it!

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