Is E&P messing with my account?

A few days ago I asked E&P why I encountered so many teams with nearly 3 5* hero’s I the raids. And I have still none. Even if search opponents 3 or 4 times. 5* hero’s are very rare they answered. Just not in the teams I happen to encounter! As a consequence my ranking is going down but today I only encountered teams with 4 and 5 5* hero’s . Come on E&P give real answers and don’t hide by saying nothing is wrong with my account.

Yes, I’m sure SG is messing with your account :roll_eyes:


Don’t be afraid of 5* heroes in general. I have just 2x maxed 5* heroes which I recently have and 13x maxed 4* heroes. And I am always raiding in the diamond arena where almost every team I face has 5x 5* heroes. I have reached global 200 once just with my maxed 4* heroes. Needless to say that the teams I face in raid have 500-600 more TP than mine. So my advice to you would be try to learn why you are not able to defeat the said teams rather than looking at the opponent hero stars. For starters, I would suggest you to learn atleast some form of colour stacking, because that really helps. I use the 3-2 type stacking, where I take 3 strong heroes against the middle hero and 2 strong against one of the flanking heroes. There are a lot of wonderful resources in this forum which you can use to learn more about hero synergy and different strategies. I hope this helps you and wish you all the best with future raids. :slight_smile:


Raids are NOT based on your heroes, but ONLY your cups

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Well I am not afraid but if you can’t take a single hero , I use at least 3 fast ones,to full mana before your team is half slaughtered is quite chanceless and happens the last couple of days 4 out of 5

I know Rohn but although I am going down in cups the teams the game suggests are even harder

Another strange thing is that for me the game chooses higher ranked teams , today I was attacked by 3 teams all much higher ranked than me

If you think about it, what a nightmare E&P would create for themselves, not only by targeting you, but also by manipulating any team that you try to raid, and every team that tries to raid you. I imagine they would have to assign one staff member to every person that complains (probably a number in the tens of thousands) and that’s just not happening.

It’s human nature to find a reason why we are not doing as well as we think we should…and also human nature to find someone or something to blame.

With new emblem system, many maxed 4* are just as good as some 5*. in fact I think some might be better! And as @ThePirateKing pointed out, a huge factor is learning which team to take against different opponents. Not only stacking colors, but picking heroes that work well together on offense.

A lot of great info and people happy to help here on forums…good luck to you


I play quie a long time, but the strange thing is these extreme things occur after they said nothing is wrong with my account while I never mentioned anything being wrong with my account. I only said there is friction because some parts of the game are random based and others are performance based

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I don’t think there is anything with your account, rather as your hero’s get stronger, you will come up against stronger teams. I believe its the way the game is designed. You aren’t being singled out, we all have to overcome higher level teams as your trophy count increases.

Not sure how you expect SG to fix this as its part of the game?! I’d imagine if you were to lose cups, your opposition would be easier. Is this what you are asking for?

Good luck to you.
P. S. You can reroll opponents you think are too difficult as well



If you send some photos of your heroes and some of your raid match-ups, I am sure some people can give you good advice!

I am also curious - how many cups do you usually have? When I raid, I go up and down 200 some odd cups.


This. You can emblem up 4-stars way quicker than 5-stars, and a lot of the 5-stars I see at my level aren’t maxed, so an emblemed 4-star is quite a bit better. I stay in the 2000-2200 cup range. It isn’t unusual to lose 100-200 cups overnight, but I have little trouble getting them back, and I usually win 90% of my raids (with rerolls, of course). I also have a non-trivial number of defense wins - not a ton, but more than I would expect - and I’m pretty sure it’s because people underestimate my Danza +9 tank. Hearty HP, high defense, evade talent (all boosted with emblems) plus the chance to fire a lethal special makes him potentially problematic for a lot of raid teams.


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