Is E&P finally broken? :(

2 consecutive epic troops. 3 unfarmable ascension items. Within 36 hours. WIthout any money spent.

This is not the P2W game I signed up for! :rage::rage:


I’m waiting for 1 poison dart, 1 tonic, 1 hidden blade, 1 trap and 1 wade? Cloak? (a black/white coat). Ow did i mention 1 telescope?

So it would be time for me E&P gave me something so i can finally bring a 5star hero to tier 4 :smiley:
I didn’t have materials (Just the orb from last event (don’t remember what ascension material came with it)) with titans, boxes or video’s. So would be time. Hoping i get as lucky as you get…

First time i see someone whining about getting ascension materials. You should praise the lord!


no doubt, I have been waiting for months for the laminas and tones, I have many many heroes all stopped … I claim and spent money for nothing because I have nothing good …

Yes it’s broken

No loot from 9 star titans for 9 days with A and B grades

No 4* ascencion items from 9* / 10* in 5 months. Fortunately a ring in the video last week.

@Freddeey. Are you seriously complaining you got good stuff??? I had 3 goes at the unfarmable ascension items at the store the other day, each turn cost me 600gem’s and I didn’t get anything rare. Your complaining you got good stuff. Wow, I really don’t get it…

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I think there is a group of old players high up who would do anything to make sure the newer players don’t catch up. Life is not fair guys… to make money from the majority is way better than the minority. :grinning: or someone will make a similer game with better odds for everyone.

This appears to be true.


The sarcasm is strong with this one


Right . thought so but wasn’t sure. Got to be to be very clear when making a point. Suppose I made my point about new user vs old in the process. :wink:

I haven’t noticed anything like that. When I started I figured I would never be anywhere near the upper player levels because of the head start the big names have.
I still can’t come close to matching the bench depth or the skill of someone like Zero, but I hit 29th on the leaderboard yesterday before I even realised how many cups I’d gotten just filling my raid chest. Then I got kicked overnight clear back to platinum tier. Easy come, easy go. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been building for just over a year. While it might not really look like it at first, there does seem to be a point where once you have an effective team, more heroes leveled becomes less of an advantage in power. Versatility is valuable, but given the ability to pick and choose targets, once you have a solid core team you should be able to compete even with most longer term players.
The team I got to 29th with incidentally included two 4* heroes, Boldtusk and Jackal. 5* heroes aren’t necessarily always the best tools for a job.


Do you really think people don’t want to be challenged? I don’t know a single person in 7dd who doesn’t WANT other alliances and folks to come get us. People at the top WANT to be challenged. It’s literally why we play the game. I can’t speak for other alliances, but in our line chats during war, I’ve never gotten the sense that they don’t want to get challenged either.


Ahhh, now I understand @pendragon. This is why I never see any of the big guys in commn chats helping with strategy and Tipps. There are also no documents, no videos, no stream, never any word from the big players. Just to make sure, newer players learn anything… also our Discord server is not open to anybody…


You should add a disclaimer you are being sarcastic, that seems lost on pendragon it appears from this topic :wink:


A disclaimer would be a start. A proper notifiction at the beginning and the end would be better. :joy: even an emoji like mine would do the trick. Lol.

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Look, no need to get all worked up guys. It’s purely an apinion, no offence intended.:grin: but when talking in regards to new players vs old players, the fact still stands, the old customer Base compared to the new customer base, while taking into account the potential new customers as well. The target audience or new players in this case outnumber the old players. There is no evidence to show old players out match revenue against new players. There will always be a group of new players who will spend and looking after new players would show a great increase in revenue. Even if they spend in smaller amount’s than the old players, the larger customer Base would match that of or even exceed that of the old players. So yes I do think new customers should get better loot than old. Just an opinion guys, no big deal… we all love the game and want it to evolve and do well. :grin:

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The problem with better loot specifically for new customers is that they then get a reputation for screwing over longterm supporters, which will in turn make it harder to get those new customers they need to grow the game. Better for Small Giant in the longterm to play fair with everyone.


Yes I agree with you paulon. Having a level playing field for all solves a lot of problems and headaches for sg. Shouldn’t make a difference how many star titan a team is on. If there is strong protest then the rewards to the newer customers should be given a different way to even out the playing field. The gap between the top and bottom should not become wider but smaller to increase competition and revenue.

I didn’t know what p2w, p2p or f2p was so I didnt get. I’m a newbee when it comes to phone games. :sweat_smile: ooops… now I know. I just saw the angry faces. Sorry.

I’ve been playing this game for 6 mos. moread or less and I hear the older players getting some things that I haven’t even come close to getting, but on the other hand, I have received better heroes from some of my summons’. I think the newbies should “pay their dues” as I have. By God let them work for it like the rest of us have!