Is dwarven gemstones worth the money?

3000 gems, mystic rings, fine gloves and an assortment of useful but easier obtainable items. Is that worth $20?

No. And its definitely not worth 27.99 CAD

It really depends… RNG is a Bi**h so you can use 3000 gems to get something like 2 5* heroes and also a HotM bonus… then for sure it was worthy!
But also you can get 20 3* heroes and be pissed about it…


NO. Sorry. Just did that and got a bunch of 3* from the gems. I have a feeling that the AI knows they are from the cheap deal.

Exactly. I had to spend another 10 bucks to make up for the loss but at least I got a 5* from the 800 gems.

If you spend:

  1. Better than top rate (normal) gems (10:1 normal, this is 15:1 = win when talking USD).
  2. Mystic Rings

The rest is pretty irrelevant for most unless you happen to need Gloves too, but out of many offers yes this one is indeed worth the money: better than many actually.


28 USD (in local currency) where I live. A very big no, absolutely not worth it in my eyes.

Is X worth it? If you are a regular spender watch how normal gem/money ratio is, how much is the gem/money ratio of the pack and the items you’ll gain with it.

If you want to spend then spend wisely. And remember that you buy gems and buying gems =/= buying 5* heroes :+1:


The pace of this kind of offers are increasing exponentially.

But we are not moving further more to p2w, no no no.

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This deal is worth it to me just for the $/gem, as already mentioned above. Mystic rings and fine gloves are not needed at this time but will certainly be in the future.


Well considering if you buy gems in the store you are spending $29.99 for 2800 gems and that is it…for this deal, you get 3000 gems, rings and gloves for $10 less, seems like a no brained to me that it is a good deal


Like stated above, the gem ratio alone is worth it considering it’s £10 more for less gems in the shop. Is it SG’s way of enticing more F2P into loosening the purse strings? You bet. Is it worth it? Depends on how you feel about going up against the good ol’ RNG. Especially with Alliance Wars coming up.


I find it difficult to resist guaranteed 4* ascension materials, whether they’re need now or not. :blush:


Exactly. LOL I needed those gloves and rings, and I pulled Vivica, Leonidas, and a 2nd Wu from elemental summon using the gems. Odds were in my favour today!


The rings are hard to find been waiting 3 months now for 2, now 1and the gems are a good deal…received a 5 * 4* and 8 3* from 10x summon


The gems are a good deal, if you spend, and I drew Zeline today, with just a few of them :slight_smile:


Which 5* did you get?

I bought it but I’m going to hang on to them. I’m still leveling the 4 4 stars and 1 5 star so I figured I’d wait till the next event.

I got justice and a 2nd chai…I already had chaoand is almost fully levelled. Not sure how good justice will be yet


I absolutely thought it was worth the money. I, and many others, have been discussing just how hard gloves and tall boots can be to acquire at times. To guarantee a pair of both, plus a 4* ascension item, AND 3000 gems? That’s a no-brainer to me. The battle items were just the icing on the cake. Hard to say no to those, even if you have them.

Spent most of the gems on epic troops and got a few 4* out of it. Not a bad outcome.