Is Domitia an insta-max for me?

Domitia just strolled out of TC20. Max her immediately? Two major pros, plus one moderate:

  1. She is my first five star Rogue. Which means I have 600+ unused Rogue emblems waiting. Jackal and Scarlett are +18 and while I do have Danzaburo and Kelile maxed, I can’t see giving either of them emblems due to their low (non) usage.
  2. I DO have a level 23 mana troop, so Domitia would be a 9 tile charge.
  3. Will help in my F2P raid experiment, probably a great deal.

The cons / other factors:

  1. I am VERY deep in purple, including two Seshat, so I’m not hurting in the element or for dispels (also have two maxed Sabinas, waiting to see what her costume will be). I guess there’s a chance that she displaces Victor +0 from my titan team, as her tiles will probably be higher once emblemed (others are Costumed Rigard, Tiburtus, and Seshat +18).
  2. Nine Tabards in hand.
  3. Also waiting: Grimble, Boss Wolf, Quintus, and Thoth-Amun. I don’t believe Grimble has appreciated enough to warrant them and don’t love the other options.
  4. I don’t have any specific plan to go after Clarissa (and - LOL - I don’t care at all about the stupid low probability ??? hero from the Tavern of Legends).

See: Forum ToS of my reply

I only have a handful of insta-max heroes in my mind: Gravemaker, Current (04.18.2020) Telluria, 1st Rigard.
Even in your situation I wouldn’t insta-max, I would still wait until after May on the off-chance you get Clarissa (even with limited summons).

But I like to be patient with ascension mats.


She’s a major player in the f2p landscape having a decent hit and useful effect against Guin and viv


It depends how deeply you want to get into this F2P experiment.

As an F2P (more or less :rofl:) I use Dom all the time. She seems to work well teamed with Sartana. And her dispel 3 has come in handy a few times.

All my rogue emblems went to Marjana though. She’s my only 5* red (Azlar soon to join her).


Agree, I think the F2P experiment bears a lot of consideration.

Who else do you have for Dispel, that you would use there? Would you use Sabina?

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I’m c2p and still use her all the time. I think she is a bit underrated by many.


@nevarmaor, while complaining feels silly, I would have LOVED for it to have been Marjana instead. She fits in much better for what I need and also has a clear spot waiting for her in the non-F2P roster.

I think you and @sleepyhead are right - if I’m really leaning in to the F2P experiment, I should max her. sleepyhead, wrt Dispel, it’d have to be Sabina, as I’d have literally no other option, once my Seshat’s are taken away. I really don’t know how I’ll even fight Guin, without those, Victor, OR Proteus.

How about Sartana? if you don’t have Sartana, that strengthens the case for maxing Domitia, to give you a strong Purple single-target hitter.

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Well that is the essence of the f2p experience


Well, after 26 months my big complaint is that I STILL don’t have Magni.

So my big blue hitter is Richard. I have THREE of him. I guess I could start on that Thorne I pulled chasing (If you could call it that – three 10-pulls) a Guardian …


No Sartana. :frowning: You probably recall that I said I have done VERY poorly with TC20. I was not exaggerating. I’ve landed both Quintus and Domitia in the last week and a half, but prior to that I have no red 5 stars, Isarnia, 2 Kadilen, 2 Joon. That’s it. Now above 3% five stars though, with the purples in the house.

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I have Finley (maxed) and Thorne (sitting at 2/60) and like 14 telescopes. I keep hoping… Costumed Magni, come to me!

ooh… yeah, I remember you said you had trouble with TC20. if you don’t have Sartana, I say go ahead and ascend Domitia so you have a strong single-target hitter. And you can’t have too many dispellers… plenty of utility having both Domi and Sabina in the same Purple stack!

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