Is disappointment contagious?

I am a fan, your voice doesn’t brag or alienate.
I don’t disagree with your points,
May I share the wrenches,
So that any lubricant between now and then might find your gear ratio more effective,

The antithesis:

  1. Should that happen, then this:

Will cease…
for player retention and optics, I find your perspective more valuable.
But doubt that SG bean counters will agree.

  1. PLEASE! Though as @PlayForFun @Rigs and others have observed. There are… inactive voices and some who show a pattern to thirst for imbalance.

  2. This always should come first! But if, and only if… a train runs off the tracks, making more train wrecks won’t fix economy issues.

  3. The only “wrench” I can imagine would lead back to 1.

  4. Will likely be a no-go. Multiple Accounts should not trouble SG, but…
    Player’s creating a black market for themselves will be a problem.

These :wrench: get dropped into :gear: fairly regularly, and are not mine. Though I don’t entirely disagree with these either. As without encompassing the antithesis, solutions may lack efficiency.

But I fear now…we may find ourselves:


In my opinion… I think the only fix is a time machine…where they redirect:

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I don’t see any other pathway that will extend the gacha lifespan. And being that time machines don’t exist…