Is disappointment contagious?

what do you think about this video?


To be honest with you. I didn’t watch the video. But then again I never watch these video posts …. They are sometimes way too long (no disrespect).
But I agree with you 100% after a couple of years in the game you get a bit jaded with the constant need to pull to try and keep up with the Jones’s… but that’s the intention of the game (in my opinion).
And I think after the third year, a veteran starts to think that it’s never going to end with all these new super heroes …. So you take a step back and start to think of better ways to spend all the spare cash you have - your loved ones, your children, your grandchildren and any special causes etc etc ….
That’s what I did and went 100% free to play. I still have lots and lots of fun in the game, but I have found a better and more rewarding use of my spare cash.
Just my two pennies worth …


very much agree, the goal post keeps moving with power creep and LBs and all that :slight_smile: I’ve been FTP from the beginning and still find my own fun in the game, without trying to compete at the topmost levels :slight_smile:

I also very much agree with reason 1 in the video… the summons odds remain low, and it does not look like accessibility will improve much (even when heroes are added to Hero Academy, the rate for getting 5s remain low - though the 3 and 4* rate seem better, but those heroes are falling behind in terms of power creep…)


I think such comments in a video of one of the most recognized Youtuber playing E&P can do more to change SG behavior towards players/customers than our posts here. It’s posted on socials and has much bigger coverage than our community here.


While all the above thoughts are in some way valid for me too, there is however another angle to the Youtubers, who are selling other games and hence position a lot of their talks towards disappointment with E&P… so move to this new game & become an early player to grow… kinda talk ! :smiley:

The above has done it
there is another one who does it with even even more spite / cribs, despite personally pulling like crazy to get all the E&P heroes, which is clearly seen when he scrolls during war videos :rofl:

I don’t take such views too seriously,

  • their income from E&P drives their spends… and E&P views are way more than those games they promote.
  • We players are no less & can decide for ourselves som basic realities about ourselves.

Coming to the OP headline : Yes, disappointment is contagious, that’s Why, disappointment from other areas of life, easily runs into the game & other way too…
Thats why heavy puller - YouTube keeps cribbing about the changes, hero stats, etc, etc, etc…

The most balanced chap has been Anchor… & I don’t see him depressed ! :wink:


What do I think about the video? I think it is a great video that shows valid reasons to stop spending. I have 3 reasons of my own to completely stop spending:

  1. Double selling hero cards
  2. Bait & switch (release OP hero then nerf)
  3. Blatant $ grab tactics (i.e., buffing circus heroes)

I have removed my CC from my phone. I cannot continue to give money to such an unscrupulous company. It’s the double selling of hero cards. It’s the “bait & switch” tactics, releasing heroes and then nerfing those heroes. It’s the blatant money grab tactics we are currently seeing with the nerf of C. Krampus, and then releasing C. Black Knight which is basically C. Krampus; or buffing already powerful heroes right before their event/portal arrives.

Anchor has some excellent responses to some of the changes made…


After watching the video I like that he took some time to let it settle and was very thoughtful on his assessment. Didn’t say he’d quit and still enjoys the gane. Just done spending! He talks about his own bad luck with summons and his disappointment with the moves. Welcome to the free side! I’m still getting used to not clicking on every offer like I used to. Really freeing. Get up to 4 losses in tournaments? Moving on. Like Lion :lion: I have a deep roster 150+ 5* so plenty to work for years.


Clickbait and Affliate marketing here!

The dudes working how else is going to purchase his heroes he make his videos with ? His building his youtube subscribers to get paid . Any attention is good attention even if its demeaning the very platform that started him off in the first place .

Personally zero value here if i want to know about cryptocurrency I’ll go to a professional and not a game commentator.


@NittanyLionRoar is easily the most respectable YouTuber in my opinion.

This guy delivers content and information in a digestible manner without exclusivity for average players, or F2P and C2P
He didn’t post the video, for those of you who would take it out of context from a simple question of “what you think about it.”

In that regard… I very much agree!
F2P are supplemented by… TIME
A lot of it…
If @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS were just starting last week, the situation would look wildly different than it does after years of grinding and efficiency for game management.

This next generation of F2P have endless stairs to climb, While the spenders escalator is moving so fast that they too… are just tumbling in place.

Promo’s aside…I thought it was an honest video, when he got logged back-on and greeted by offers, his chuckle was priceless!


I will say I am a subscriber of his and do enjoy watching his war hits and breakdowns of new heroes, etc.

That said… I have noticed him trending this way the last several months. His content has gotten more cynical. His attitude towards the game has definitely changed. It feels sometimes he is going out of his way to find reasons to complain.

Even his tone, his inflection… Go back ans listen to him talk about things even last fall then listen to a current video. You can feel the change in attitude. He is obviously unhappy with the game and that is his prerogative.

I do question when he says “I still enjoy the game and enjoy playing” because with his videos recently, it feels to me watching it like it is a chore for him, not something he actually wants to be doing.

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Yes it is. Watching vids like these really keeps the spending urge waaaay back

thank you for your feedback your feedback

@ThokkNightshade thanks for watching! Yes, there have been a couple times through E&P I have felt jaded by the game. It was after I cut back spending that it became fun again.

The first time was during the Telluria/Vela nerfs and I made a few videos articulating the problems then. I felt that SG made positive moves after that–not that it was due to the videos, I was just voicing what a lot in the community were saying and to put a reason to why there was a huge exodus of the playerbase at that time. After that, the game became fun again and I rewarded SG by spending more.

This time, I’m again voicing what a lot of people are feeling after saving up especially for the holiday summons only to get slammed with a nerf. I still find the gameplay fun, but yeah, you’ll probably see my unhappiness with this kind of thing show through–and it’s absolutely grating. It has been a long, long time (like 6 to 9 months?) since I’ve had good summons. So yeah, it’s been building for a while.

There’s just less content to make when this happens and I get annoyed with that too. A good summons is a great video. Leveling those heroes and testing them is a great video. Repeated war streams with new and different heroes is fun and great entertainment! But when SG releases all these great new heroes and I get squat from them–well, I just don’t have as many videos to make about E&P. I’m left to just talk about new heroes they release that I don’t actually get to play with. It’s kind of a bummer.

So I’m on to a new F2P phase where I can see how my OG heroes do against the new shiny toys and hope SG changes some things. Here’s some things they could do:

  1. Put a cap on the number of summons that occur without a legendary (e.g. after 100 summons, automatically get a legendary if you haven’t gotten one yet).
  2. Actually listen to the beta testers before releasing heroes.
  3. Focus on heroes that “answer” problematic heroes, not nerfs
  4. Make “answer” heroes more widely available (e.g. HOTM, like actually make the HOTM useful).
  5. Allow us to actually trade heroes with each other, not get all tangled up in some scheme to spend a lot more money to trade-in heroes we already have for peanuts. Other games have proven this is no obstacle.

Well, those are some additional thoughts. This thread is actually already getting some gears turning in my mind for a couple of new videos.


I am a fan, your voice doesn’t brag or alienate.
I don’t disagree with your points,
May I share the wrenches,
So that any lubricant between now and then might find your gear ratio more effective,

The antithesis:

  1. Should that happen, then this:

Will cease…
for player retention and optics, I find your perspective more valuable.
But doubt that SG bean counters will agree.

  1. PLEASE! Though as @PlayForFun @Rigs and others have observed. There are… inactive voices and some who show a pattern to thirst for imbalance.

  2. This always should come first! But if, and only if… a train runs off the tracks, making more train wrecks won’t fix economy issues.

  3. The only “wrench” I can imagine would lead back to 1.

  4. Will likely be a no-go. Multiple Accounts should not trouble SG, but…
    Player’s creating a black market for themselves will be a problem.

These :wrench: get dropped into :gear: fairly regularly, and are not mine. Though I don’t entirely disagree with these either. As without encompassing the antithesis, solutions may lack efficiency.

But I fear now…we may find ourselves:


In my opinion… I think the only fix is a time machine…where they redirect:

Continuing the discussion from Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Answers) - "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript:

I don’t see any other pathway that will extend the gacha lifespan. And being that time machines don’t exist…


thank you for your response to my post this time, and maybe I’m not one of those who are disappointed with this game
because I’m not a player who often goes shopping, it’s just The POV I rate is reasonable


welcome to the team! its a good feeling when you decide enough is enough, a new world of possibilities opens up!
and welcome to the future, NFT games?! whaaaat :slight_smile: thats new to me! thanks!

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(It matters not).

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