Is Devana worth the exchange?

Is Devana worth the exchange?
I would like to hear from friends who have used her to talk about it, I have the badge + limit break material.

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I use her on offense to debuff ofcourse. Bring snipers with her because she does not hit hard.

She is very nice and versatile hero. I use mine regularly on wars against purple tanks.

That said, I think there are better options in the soul exchange portal this time around. So the final decision depends on what you already have and need.


I have not drawn yellow five-star output heroes, now use four-star yellow output heroes

I think she’s an amazing hero as you can never have enough debuffers and her minions are so beefy. I agree that there are better choices, but if you really need a good yellow hero she’s a worthy choice.

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I would like to ask if there are any extreme breakthrough partners to evaluate it? Thank you!

I use her quite a bit. She does have an annoying graphic glitch that the damage gets applied a couple seconds late, which confuses me fairly often.

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I don’t have Devana but if you feel that you also want her for collection - since you designed her artwork - I would vote to choose her. :wink:

Part of this reason, but I really do not have a five-star output hero, the last time I wanted to change Thor, but then I think Thor is not ideal.

Well, If I had enough dupes for exchange (but I dont) I wouldn’t chose her, but main reason would be I don’t want her dupe ;).
She is a good hero, but I think the choice depends on one’s roster. From second tier I would chose Grimble, but I have few minion killers (Devana one of them, tho not very efficient) and I’m short in purple with a lot of tabards waiting for candidates.

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I use her with cLeo and cViv. With the def down and elemental def down, she can do a lot of damage.

She’d do well with Kara’s attack up too

i use Devana quite often, and i have her at 4.85 with 20 nodes and i have no complaints. She’s a solid option. Her minions have alot of health, mine in the 520s, and those minions can take a hit and leave Devana standing.

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I use her in my mono holy team and she can dispell which is great. Most people have her because she was a recent hotm so people are preferring other hero’s. If you lack in holy hero’s and have enough emblems and darts go with Devana or Sif. Both are good options but you can also skip this SE and wait for the next one to see if there are any better options

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I have 3 and only one fully maxed.
I will exchange for 4th… just kidding.

Well, she is my main raid team hero. I use her with c Leo and Kara.
Love her a lot but would never exchange for her unless I already had all the better options in SE

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If your hero fan is low, choose the first two level heroes and wait for the next event. Devana is nice but 15 heroes are wasted? no!

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I love Dev have her maxed and limit broke, use her all the time her minions clearing minions is handy saved me on last level of season 4. Partnered with a d down makes her a heavy hitter plus hitting 3 is nice.
I would say if looking for a yellow she is pretty great .

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I think you use google translator, and I might not got it right. If you want to see Davana‘s stats after limit break,
here it is:

Happy gaming


Devana together with Uraeus in a yellow stack is giving you the family 2020-bonus for all allies even if you are not going mono. I have even a second Uraeus, so these three heroes are almost every time in my yellow stack (family-bonus counting only for two heroes: only +20% chance for critical hits for Devana but for the minions it doesn’t matter, each Uraeus is giving a minion to all allies)

Is she worth maxing if you have her? Definitelly.
Should you buy her for 15 other 5*s?
I’m not so sure honestly.

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I think she is very good and worth 15 heroes… But… She pales in comparison to lotl and Grimble @ 15… And even more so against lord Loki lepioda mother north and black knight…

But… For what she fires… She does it well.