Is defense NOT a buff?

If defense is a buff …then why was Vivica able to dispell my defense buff from Zircon in this battle and Frida dispelled it the battle before?

As the defence up is not undispellable by itself I think what’s happened with the defence up from Zircon is that it has been reversed to Def down by Vivica Whereas the rest of the buffs remain.

It’s a bit of semantics but it’s the difference of overwriting as opposed to dispelling. I’m not sure I agree with it working this way in this case, but think that’s probably the reasoning.

As for Frida, would be easier with a screenshot to see, but am guessing what would show is still the Def up but a Def down Vs Ice along side it which would be working as intended. Can have both normal Def up plus elemental Def down at same time


SGG just want you to spend your real money for some virtual hero cards. They despise people who complains about little things that they cannot make money off.

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