Is daily summon ment to be bad?

I have used daily summon and those silver tokens (or what ever they are) for about 50-70 times and all I have gotten is literally garbage (Dawa, 1* and 2* heroes and one Bane). Is this the general case or am I just unlucky?

Actually, pulling a 3* hero is quite good.

Curious? What were you expecting out of the free daily summons. The summons % are stated in game.

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Yes daily summons are underwhelming…but they are free. Pulling a Dawa or Bane on a summons you used gems on is maddening…pulling those same ones on a daily summons is most welcomed. 3 star troops are the best for the free ones.


I am just wondering because I have seen so many Gunnars, Carvers, Karils, Briennes, Valens, Gan Jus and the list just goes on, with f2p players who clearly haven’t reached SH 13 so they must be pulling those from daily summons.

Or epic hero token (the golden one) or with gems (money)

Or you save up gems that the game gives you and you do summoning where you are guaranteed a 3*, it just needs time to gain all those things

I only save the 1st copy of 3* heroes. Some of it comes from daily summon (silver coin) like graymane or friar tuck. However in my opinion, daily summon sole purpose is only for food.

Yes they are terrible.
I’d recommend saving the silver coins.

Every Path of Valor or so will have a Summons requirement you can use them on.
By saving them up, you will get an influx of feeders (both hero and troop) to use en-masse which you will notice far more than individual summons.


I got a hawkmoon the otherday, I did actually want to keep her as I do have a spare costume wanted to level a second just for tol, but fed her away.:roll_eyes:

You know you never need more than 1 costume for any number of heroes, right?

Ah ok so if I level one costume I can reuse that costume on say tol, ninja tower and war on multiple for the said hero’s. Say one costume and got 3 say 3 BT I can put the costume on each time.

No. The costume is like a sewing pattern, you only need one, but you have to make each dress separately.

Meaning, you can use the same individual costume for more than one of your duplicate heroes, but each must be separately leveled

And yes, Daily Summon generally only gives feeders, and occasionally a three star, which is probably also a feeder

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