Is Cyprian worth it?



I agree, huge nerf as part of a bug fix. Bench cyprian and maybe even the 5* as they just take too much damage to not have the death blow count. Boril with his tankiness has a bit more value.


Staff just said Riposte will be back to its original status on next update. Read what Petri says here:


Um, pardon? This was my comment, not Petri’s…

Petri’s comment was this:



Status update, we have decided to change the counterattack logic for killed heroes back in the upcoming update version 15.1. So dead heroes can still counterattack on the same turn they are killed.


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Just to note everyone. The unexpected hero for me was Cyprian when fighting in the top 100 today. I did not bring the usual 3 stack of Sartana/Rigard/Tibertus. I instead brought Sartana/Merlin/Cyprian. The results were unexpectedly good as I got to kill Guin and use riposte and charge up the enemy Zeline. This easily killed both Guin and Zeline. Merlin did his job but Cyprian was my hero of the day. Managed to win 8/10 battles against those with Guin and Zeline.


@airhawk. Do you still use cypran in raids? How has your experience been?

I assume you only use him offensively or have you tried him on defense. Member of my alliance is a huge cypran fan and quite honestly he makes some good points. Hes done a lot using a kashrekk tank with cypran as flank, which covers some of cypran’s vulnerabilities.


I use him for offense. Usually him in the middle flanked by Aeron/Gafar and Sartana. Look for targets with Guin as tank and flanked by an AOE hitter like Zeline. @RedKirby


Great for offense. @Airhawk is perfectly right. Amazing against 5* AOE’s, and though enough to withstand a direct hit from any 5* sniper, I might add. Last night I got to 2600 + cups (I usually hoover around 2200) using him flanked by Gormek and Colen, with Sabina and Kelile as wings. So, yes, I would say he is worth it, for those who need a push to get into platinum arena.


he is my favorite hero even he is just 4*… my center on his side are two healer and to sniper at the back…i dont have much hitter in my team but with his reposte he can be a great sniper…


Cyprian and boril worth it to the max. U can kill enemies far high power above u by using perfext riposte. U can kill zeline easily and other AoE by using cyprian.

For me he is and boril are essential. Worth it to the max


He is not a bad choice for raiding when an opponent with AOE attacks. Better than Boril in the sense that he has higher HP and lower defense which makes his Riposte more effective.