Is Cyprian worth it?

I was wondering if Cyprian is worth it to ascend to the max?

Cyprian is not a hero you will be picked first once your roster has grown. The tc13 4s Wu and Kiril are necessary right up to the moment you field a 5 team. And then they will still be needed ti fight titans.

If you have six or more trap tools and 2 or fewer tabards, try Rigard or pull the events hoping for a better dark hero.

A maxed Cyprian can be a fine tank up to the top of platinum, but I do not see more in his future


Cyprian has tank stats… You won’t be using he for titans or raiding, but he has his own spot in a lot of defensive teams, including mine hehe.
Once his special is triggered, every one-shot hitters (Grimm, Tibs, Gormek, even Greg) are dead if attack him or flanks


On occasional event bosses or raid opponents that are built around heavy hitting I like him. I just used him in one of my war attacks and he killed 1 and crippled another 5* sniper as he died which led to a victory :slight_smile:


He is awesome for Guardians event. Kong and Owl pretty much kill themselves.


Swiss army knife seems to be what they’re saying lol

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Cyprian was the first purple 4* I drew. I have him at 4-70 and still use him from time to time in AW with top tier alliances. That being said, it’s hard to give you advice without context. He worked well for me before I drew a 5* purple, Tiburtus, Merlin, or Gafar, but my opinion would be different if I had had more options from the start.

I was using him at the beginning, then he had a long pause (a few months), and now he’s back in my line-up. I use him for raids against top players, it’s beautiful to see how fast Guinevere is vanishing (of course with help of 3 other purple heroes like Tiburtus, Rigard, Sabina). And his reflection causes big damage among such heroes like Liana, Joon, Gravemaker or Magni.

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Although I have a lot of stronger heroes, I use him when I attack in raid when the opponent has strong snipers. For me it’s a lot of fun, seeing Lianne or Joon blasting themselves from the board and Cyprian survives and is preparing for the next attack. :slight_smile:


Cyprian’s main usage is mainly for events and quests where the bosses charge up real fast and hits all.

If you put it as your tank, it is a gamble. If the other team has a decent board, you are dead. If they have a bad board, it can really mess them up but good teams will most likely bulldoze your Cyprian even with Riposte active.

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He’s a great hero against heavy bosses because they kill themselves on riposte. He was my first fully maxed up 4* and only thanks to him, having 3060TP team I won 4000TP sand quest and Legendary event which both gave me a lot of Ascertion items. So he’s great on attack when you can control the timing of riposte but rather mediocre on defence as attacker can easly debuf his special and he becomes useless.



Just nope.

is it a he ot a she ??

Cyprian destroys AOE attackers. I have won a lot of raids by using him and finished special events because his special is nasty. That being said I am holding 4 trap tools and a 3 60 Sabina and Cyprian and neither get the tools. I’ll wait for another hero.


I own a maxed copy on my alt account. A few things about Cyprien and his stats…He’s got the hp of a 5*, but his def is low-ish compared to the other purple 4*s. But this sometimes works to his advantage, like when his special is fired, as the resulting riposte damage is high.

As others have said, he can be a great asset against hit-all event bosses. Of course, the debuff is always a threat against him. May the gems match up well for you!! :sunglasses:

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It is a he… Sabina is his princess and he is a prince

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Hi everyone,

First time poster. I’ve been playing the game for a while-- Cyprian was my first 4*. Naturally, I leveled/ascended him as much as I could. Over the course of the game, I acquired two more Cyprians. I’m now using 2 on my defense team… wondering if I should use the third? Two is already annoying, would three be even more annoying? Or should I turn him into food? Makes me sad to trash a 4* but will do it if they’re just wasting roster space.

Totally aware that someone can debuff them easily, but if I level them all up to tank status would 3 Cyprians make you quiver in your timbers and skip the revenge/raid attack?

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I’m using Cyprian next to Merlin and Rigard to tackle Guinevere tanked teams with a Gravemaker in Raids. If you get cyprians special up, let gravemaker attack you and down he goes. Then heal with Rigard :slight_smile:

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Strong raiders will usually bulldoze your Cyprians because he is average mana. If he was fast then that would be hell of annoying. Even with Riposte active they would usually be killed anyhow. Color stacking yellow will usually do the trick and kill them off before the Riposte sets off unless your opponent is super unlucky with their board.


Perfect responses heroes doesn´t worth anymore… Before the last update you safrice a hero to kill a strong enemy…

They change that… You can´t do that now…

Thankd SG for make this heroes worthless

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