Is Crystalis reducing active Buffs?

When using Crystalis on enemies with active buffs, when clicking on the enemy info you see the frost dmg and the attack debuff but it doesn’t mention reducing he buff by 1. When facing oppenents like heimdall with an active after activating Crystalis goes off heimdalls buff is still active for the full 4 turns.

I use Crystalis fairly often and she definitly does reduce the buffs.

It’s not mentioned as an effect as it simply reduces the duration by 1 turn instantly at the time of casting… It isn’t a lasting effect, it’s an instant effect.

You can check it out yourself if you:

  1. Allow the enemy team to have buffs.
  2. tap & hold to check the duration of the enemy buffs
  3. fire chrystalis
  4. tap & hold to check the duration of the buffs again

you’ll see the duration goes down by 1 turn without having had a turn progress.

Yes thanks buddy, I realized my mistake afterwards.

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