Is costume Kashrek the new mega tank

Just been playing around with a costumed Kashrek and Brychild …

Kashrek boosted by Brychild has 2800+ health!

If i put Emblems and the right troops on kashrek, it might break 3000hp…

Mega tank!!!


How does it affect remaining health bonus?

When you said tank, I thought it was defense team. But as it is offense in map stages, I prefer Noor. Extra 75% of Noor’s HP for all 5 heroes with another 20 × 5 × 3 = 300 damage per turn.


This just made me realize I’m def going to need to level her ASAP. She’s going to be great in Avalon. No swords for you LoL!


As far as defense goes, I think the best 4* tank is Brynhild personally. Costumed Kash is pretty good too though since the health boost is actually much more impactful than the standard heal when fired earlier in the match, as it makes his flanks a lot more resilient and harder to kill.

For offense… well first off, I’m curious why you didn’t set cKash in spot 4? Poor cLi Xiu is about to die :frowning:

But yes, he’s very good for offense too. Doubles the survivability of 2 other heroes.


C.Kashhrek seems to be pretty good in this week’s 4* buff booster as tank. He seems to be a bit passive as a tank outside of buff booster tho, especially when compared to 5* tanks like Heimdall or Telluria.

I don’t have Kashhrek’s costume yet but I recently got my Heimdall to 3/70 and he has been a game changer for all PvE stuff. I’ve used him in a couple of raids next to Bryhild to keep him alive and charge up faster too.


I’m confused about what role Brynhild plays in this combo.

And I wonder about this, too. If I were taking that team, I’d “tank” with Li Xiu and slide the other two out one spot each.

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New Mega Tank? Kashhrek?

No, no, no, no, and no !!

I have Kashhrek way back in my early days in 2018 and he has served me as an excellent tank. He has terrorized a lot of raiders back then because of his very high heal and extra defense against fire attacks and I had occasionally avoided him when raiding if I see him tanking. By the time I got Ares in 2018 as a featured hero, Kashhrek’s use has been gradually diminished until he was just lurking around the corner gaining dust.

With the third update on costume where his costume was introduced, along with several others, I was eagerly delighted for my Kashhrek to see action again, for old times’ sake, did get his costume in a few attempts, and maxed him, even giving emblems on his new class (+11 nodes with 600 attack, 762 defense and 1487 health — pretty high for an epic hero). But alas, he performed badly in tourney raid defense for 4* at least twice, giving me a raid tourney defense grade of “D” or “E”. This surprised me since his original version WAS a good tank back then for beginners and mid-tier players and that his costume appears promising, only to find out that the half-baked Heimdall powers Kashhrek got was only good if read on the papers but in actuality, he does not perform well defensively. I already saw this when facing him in raid tourneys defending but only thought that I have already a deep bench of 4* heroes and chalking it in because of that. I have contemplated stripping him of emblems in favor of my 2 unemblemed Proteuses and Kirils but thought to give him one more chance redeeming himself (maybe adding more emblems and/or embleming his flanks some more). Otherwise, I’ll just regret the food and iron invested on embleming him.

Go. Try it. Max the costume version and place several nodes on the new class. Put him on defense and see for yourself.


I don’t think any 4* tank is good enough in buff booster, I have faced costumed Kasshrek few times, never lost.

I had this dilemma when choosing a tank for this week’s tournament.

I prefer Brynhild’s skill over C.Kashhrek’s for buff booster but Brynhild’s defense is kind of low and I probably won’t spend rogue emblems on her to raise it.

The defense might be lower but her speed is faster and the heal after skill make up for it.


LOL. I thought so too without checking what the OP really meant. I cant consider the middle hero as “tank” when you are the one attacking since the defense does not use tiles, which usually goes to the middle heroes defending when you move tiles. Defending heroes on their slash attacks and special skills are randomized by the AI.

Not really. Check my current raid tourney defense grade:


I think it means from the sum of the total including the special skill protection against special skills maybe? Apart from her 24% mana boost which is awesome so Kashhrek is automatically fast once Brynhild has gone off.

Thanks for your insight. The new fast Kash’ has caught me a few times recently (I’m not proud). Both mine will stay as 3:60 sacrificial desperation lambs. Thanks for being comprehensive.

Although, I’m yet to have C Kashhrek, but imo, …, this defense has some fundamental flaws and are possibly the reason why it performed so badly in the tourney, rather than mainly the inability of C Kashhrek to perform as a tank…

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Would you believe that I have tried multiple combination from the previous 4s raid tourneys? I had one time have costumed Kashhrek flanked by riposters (Cyprian and Boril), among many other combination of flanks and those at wings.

But at any rate, feel free to get his costume, max it, place emblems on the new class, and try him out tanking in 4* raid tourneys. Once you’ve done that, please do post screenshots here of the successful defenses made by costumed Kashhrek on raid tourneys that you will be proud of.

If you make a claim like this, you have an obligation to explain it.

Two very squishy blue flanks made the whole team very vulnerable to green stacks. Even if C. Kasshrek survives, those grimms can be taken out easily and if Kasshrek remains alone in the middle there is not really much he can do on his own. So this defense performed badly because of the flanks and not the tank IMO.


I’ll explain it, as I just happened by this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

(Hope you don’t mind, @Oliz)

I’d say it’s the fact that the defense is doubling the color of the tank - in a tourney set with no omitted colors - is troublesome [alone]. Anyone with Falcon, or a solid red stack, can work around that fairly easily

Add to the fact that both flanks are blue, meaning a green stack would also suffice, especially in both killing the two Grimm’s easily, while being 100% neutral against the rest, and not even mentioning the fact that you can now work around C.Kashhrek’s fire elemental shield completely with that said green stack… so, yeah.

Plus, green has many debuffers, dispellers and mana controllers; really a great color for 4*


That is my defense… which I use to drop my cup