Is cooldown of Mystic Vision needed?

First, I want to say that I really like the idea of shorter cooldown of MV now, which brings profit to both, player and also SG.

But after I saw this change, I started to think, if the cooldown is even needed? In my opinion, it can be better to have some defined count of MVs (for example 3 or 5) available per day without cooldown - just like flags during nijja tower.

This would be much more comfortable for the players (no need to be online every 4 hours) and it brings profit also to SG (more watched advertisiments - > more money for SG), so its a win-win situation. Or? :slight_smile:

To be honest 6 times in 24 hours is fine for me.
And again if they reduce the cooling down time or remove it altogether I am fine with that.
As long as ….
SG don’t nerf the loot - my personal opinion is that with the increased advertising revenue SG could improve the loot drop somewhat


In another game I’m playing, you have 3 “mystic visions” per day with a cooldown of 10 minutes in between. I really like that system because it gives you more freedom to decide when to open it. And as an added bonus, every 10 watched “mystic visions” open a chest with some additional goodies. I would strongly be in favor for such an approach in E&P as well.


I think the game is designed for players to grind. Grinding takes hours. In those hours, SG has opportunities to bombard you with their gem offers, regardless of whether the player is F2P, C2P or P2P. Advertising or the opportunity for businesses to advertise as often as they can with their various products is good for business.

On the other hand, the lazy approach of having all ads provided by Mystic Vision without cool time does not promote much grinding since the player will just log in a few minutes, tap the MV 6 times without cool time (or for every few minutes in between) and thus, lesser opportunity for SG to bombard players with their gem offers.

The idea is noble. But I I don’t think SG will be implementing that since it doesn’t redound to their best interest.

Goodluck with your request. Pray it gets traction in the forum so that forum users can cast their vote and provide their opinions so it gets bumped daily, like what other threads here do.


Ah, that game that shall not be mentioned in this forum ever

If only I knew what game you were talking about

While E&P has enemies that are alive and when you kill them they die, the game I’m talking about has enemies that are neither one or the other. :wink:

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