Is continuous hunting of rare Titans permitted?

Now there are Allies going around to fight rare Titans, they will check out the spot ahead of time, then calculate when the next rare Titan will appear, and then join the alliance against rare Titans to get the ascension materials and emblems.
Steps: 1. Organize all alliance members to visit each alliance to see the time of death of rare Titans; 2 calculate the occurrence time of the next rare Titan in each alliance; 3 Join the alliance before the rare Titans appear; Kill a rare Titan and leave the alliance after receiving the bonus. This will get one or two rare titans every day .

It is legal.

Rare titan is a bit random so even if they calculate it, it won’t be precise.

If they continuously hopping between alliances, they are sacrificing the titan chest too and war chest.


It’s not against the rules. Titan mercenaries have been a thing for as long as I’ve been playing the game.

Basically, if you don’t want them randomly joining you, set your alliance to “invite only”.

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No, they won’t lose any treasure chest.

They won’t have full access to Alliance War chest, and they will have a “cooldown” in between on titan chests (used to be 12 hours, not sure if that has changed). But otherwise, yeah, they can hop skip and jump between alliances collecting loot at will.


In order for a chance at the bonus item, mercs must be in the alliance before rare spawns, AND titan must die at least 20 hours since they got their last titan loot. Otherwise they get reduced loot.


Ahhh yes I do remember reading that part as well.

But mercs can still merc titans for other reasons (like filling PoV titan kill requirements).

And sometimes alliances actually want mercs to help them.

The only merc my alliance ever needs:


Basically, if we can’t kill it with a few of those? We have no business fighting that titan in the first place.


I think the little giant can take the initiative to stop this practice

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They could, and they should.

In the meantime, I don’t want or need any random PUGs in my alliance anyway, so “invite only” always. :smile:


P.U.G. - Pick Up Group: a gaming group formed of random players who don’t actually know each other, but have all joined the same temporary team with the specific purpose of completing a game objective that requires more than one player to complete.

After which they mostly just collect their loot and go their own separate ways.

That’s essentially what E&P titan mercenaries do. They’re not part of your “team”, they never wanted to be in the first place. They’re only looking out for themselves and for whatever loot they stand to gain personally by temporarily joining your alliance.


As @TGW said, mercs have been topic for discussion for long long … long time ago at least 2 years back. It is not completely a terrible idea to allow mercs from my opinion. From time to time, some small alliances really STRAGETICALLY need helps from strong hitters to finish off the titan when they really ran out of flags or flasks, so that they can let next titan go.

I myself also do part-time mercs when the time is right too. Just to help out those who are in troubles. Some players who do not want to tie up with any alliance will become full-time mercs, but have to sacrifice a lot during 12hrs titan chest cool down time, including risk of receiving reduced tier titan reward.

Just for your thoughts


I think the “little giant” has more pressing E&P problems than stoping the mercs. Like stoping the mass players exodus… the number of Galaxy players has dropped from 340k to 260k over the last 6 month… trust me, titan mercs ain’t their main concern…

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Mercs certainly have their place, when they’re requested. My first alliance occasionally requested them for help when we were struggling a bit on a last minute titan.

The way I run my current alliance though, I kind of have a no-merc policy. No offense to you guys! Just that… if we can’t kill a titan with our own resources, maybe it’s time for us to step down a level. Since we’re a semi-casual group, if we can’t kill a titan on our own with say 3-4 flags apiece… and I bring in a mercenary to finish one off, and our next titan is even higher… yeah that’s just not going to work. Pretty soon I’ll have teammates having to set alarms in the middle of the night or sneaking off to the bathroom at work just to hit titans… nope. That right there goes against everything I intended when I first formed my alliance.

We’re currently on 8* titans. Occasionally we can kill a 9*, if we get an early start on it. Otherwise? No, that doesn’t need to become a regular thing. I’d rather stick with a level that is comfortable for us without relying on outside help.

… and then of course there is also this. LOL

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There are essential differences between the entry before and after the appearance of rare Titans.

Rare titan appearance is not perfectly random, you can calculate. You will know in advance whether how many stars from the previous couple of normal titans killed and what element of rare titan will appear from rotations of the rare titian element. My alliance plans ahead before facing the rare titan.
Therefore, full-time mercs community will know which alliance will hit rare titan.
And they inform players in their pool to join the alliance for hunting that rare titan.

Yes, they will calculate the time of their appearance and enter before the rare Titans appear

Imagine that. Mercs keeping spreadsheet data on which alliances to join ahead of time.

It’s like when I’m in the bathroom and Mark Zuckerberg suddenly appears in the stall next to mine, and hands me a roll of toilet paper… “here, I think you’re gonna need this, bro…”

“What… who…?” looks at toilet paper roll, realizes it’s empty…

“But what… how did you…”

“Don’t worry about it broheim, you can thank me later…” Zucker says as he vanishes in a wisp of lavender scented vape-pen smoke…


They do no harm to me, it´s just like cup dropping, some kind of shortcut that doesn´t necessarily pay off.

I think the little giant can take the initiative to block this practice, this practice is robbery, their number has been hundreds, and now the number is still increasing.

What you are suggesting hasn’t been possible for a long time, thanks mostly to peopl like you complaining about players getting loot. I assume you are also against the rare quests appearing too and would rather everyone paid for every ascension mat in the game.


How do you figure that it is robbery?

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