Is collecting 2600 Gems not a good thing?

Every single thing you have written there is wrong. That’s quite impressive.

There are many games where spending money is a gamble and you can receive nothing in return. This, however, isn’t one of them. At worst 10 summons will return ten 3* heroes, a useful addition that will improve any team, even if one only uses them as fodder.

To the larger point you are driving at, no one is compelled to spend a penny on this game. It’s possible to be competitive and have fun when F2P, which is pretty rare. Sort of the opposite of a “SCAM”.


four Kelile, two Colen and a gazillion 3* red to get one Boldtusk, I can sooooo relate.

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There have been other games, in fact there have been tons of games with this mechanic


Did you do epic or elemental? Can get screwed either way but odds are significantly better for elemental.

To answer your question, the simple answer is no

I disagree about elemental

I see a lot more people get legendaries from epic hero summons

So you think they make the claim “increased chance of legendary heroes” just to trick us?


Sorry, @Kerridoc. Couldn’t resist.


They can claim what they want

I’m talking from experience

There you have it: the triumph of experience over intelligence.

Y’all would be shocked how many people think this way. (Actually, perhaps you wouldn’t.)


And what are u trying to say

That any one player’s experience of such low probability events is totally useless for even starting to estimate the true underlying probabilities.

That for such small chances, at least a thousand summonses would be needed to form a 95% CI of mean +/-2% for just one of the probabilities. (We did the calculation for TC20 pulls - check it out in the results thread.)

That to reasonably conclude with any degree of confidence that the probability of one event was higher (or lower) than the other would take a sample of considerably more than 1000 of each summons. I haven’t done the calculations, but I’m going to guesstimate it would take perhaps 5,000 trials of each. (I might be wrong - it might take 20,000.)

Balanced against all this ignorance, we have SG’s statement that elementary summons have a better chance of pulling a legendary hero, and we have Occam’s Razor at our disposal.

Reaching a conclusion does not require a knowledge of ballistic physics, just a pinch of common sense.

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Now that I think about it, a sample size of 20,000 of each pull might not be nearly enough to conclusively determine that the probabilities are different. Both p values are very small, and they’re also likely to be quite close to each other.

Attempting to answer this using ‘experience’ wouldn’t be impossible but would require either a vast sum of money to spend on summons or so many years to spend playing the game that it might have disappeared by the time a conclusion was reached.

Of course Godwin’s Law does not apply: are you sure you know what it is? Maybe you need to google it.

As to what is valueless and unusable, it’s worth recognising that it wasn’t me who implied that SG was lying and based this (baseless) claim on “experience”. That, little chum, is what one calls “valueless and unusable” - and I certainly didn’t need to touch it to make it so.

I’m always happy to accept an apology offered with an open heart.

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