Is collecting 2600 Gems not a good thing?

I have been collecting gems so I could follow the game recommendation and get the best value for my Gems. I had 2600 collect and went to purchase (I guess the correct term would be “summons”) either rare (3*) epic (4*) or Legendary (5*). In the ten(10) tries, the only heroes I received where rare(3*). Is this common for the game to only hand out 3* heroes. Kind of feel cheated. Worked hard to save up the necessary gems and the get the heroes I would get with just the daily summon I feel short changed.


Your experience is common.


Quite common.

Also very common :wink:


Yes, this is very common. And yes, you should feel cheated. RNG blah blah blah. Can someone with better statistical abilities than me calculate the probability of 10 3 * pulls in a row. It seems to happen far more likely then I would think probabilities suggest.

We don’t know for sure the probability of a 3* (since the devs won’t want to tell) so we can’t calculate the probability of 10 3* pulls in a row. But let’s say the probability for a 3* is 85%, then for 10 3* in a row it will be 20%, so not that low.

Personally, I’m a lot more suspicious about the HotMs chances. Multiple players reported hundreds of pulls without HotMs while most say they get HotM within 10-20 pulls. These two, taken together, seem less likely.


You have the right to feel discouraged, but yes, this is not a rare situation.
You learned in the hard way how this game may be sometimes.

In the long run probably you feel less frustrated because all is quite balanced, but immediately the impulse to throw the phone in a river is normal.


About 2 minutes ago, I did a blue elemental 10x pull. Results: Eight 3* heroes (FOUR! Ulmers!); Two 4* heroes (both Sonya) and 1 bonus draw of Delilah. I was hoping for a blue 5* but c’est la vie.

Here are the screenshots:

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I am too impatient to collect 2600 gems, I usually go for a pull once I reach 300 gems. And from what I’ve seen the players say, it is better to do single 300 gems pulls instead of 10x. Yes, the 2600 for 10 pulls is a better deal but people who do go for 2600 usually complain. You cannot stop during the 10x pull unlike the single ones. Let’s say you do 5 single pulls and the results are not satisfying. You’ll go “OK the game is being mean to me today, that’s enough” and spend the rest of your gems some other time - maybe your luck changes. When you decide to hit the 10x button, there’s no coming back.

I was aiming to collect 2600 gems and do a 10x pull but after I discovered you CAN get a bonus draw on single (300 gems) pull, I said bye bye to 10x option.

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They really should fix this. It is, as others have said, an all-to-common occurrence.

All they’d need to do is to guarantee that the first roll in a 10-summon will give a chance at a four or five-star hero. Then the rest of the rolls in that set could reflect the percentages that are currently established.

It’s a slap in the face to FTP players and to poorer players who save up for a 10-summon and then get nothing.


Ok, for shits and giggles I just did a second 10x blue elemental pull. Seven 3* heroes; Two 4* heroes and One 5* plus another Delilah. (yet another Delilah! Lol but a 5* blue hero - but I have her already)

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I think it’s interesting (as one who hasn’t got an HOTM, or have enough $$ to do 10x rolls) to listen at the door:

  • Before you have an HOTM or 5* (or 4*!), it’s desirable
  • After, if you get a duplicate, it’s not desirable.

But the question to me is, how many 4*, 5*, or HOTM did you get? Was it a successful pull by those standards? Very often, the answer is yes, but if the game gives me a duplicate I say no. Hmm…


Well I would say pulling a 5* or HOTM is objectively successful! However, if the person has them already, I agree, not so successful on a subjective basis. However I don’t get too bent out of shape if I pull a 5* of any variety as them I would feel a bit overly full of myself! Lol!

As a man-child, I do reserve the right to pout and feel sorry for myself at any number of junctures of E&P! :smile:. But unlike many/most here, I will generally keep my complaints to myself and when I get yet another wooden shield instead of a Damascus blade, I will just have one of these and tell my cat all about it!).

(yes this is actually me and my cat - she is clearly tired of hearing me whine about Orbs and Capes)


My point is that I consider a 4*, 5*, or HOTM (even a duplicate) a win. It surprises me how often others do not. :thinking:


I can see both sides. It doesn’t feel like a win when it is a duplicate…at least to me. YMMV.

Once I pull my 12th Sonya, the novelty wears off! :wink:

To wit, pulling another Kiril or Grimm might not thrill me like it used to! (understandably so?)


People always want more. In January I caught myself a little peeved because I didn’t get any other 5* in my 40 summons except Natalya. Then I realized if I couldn’t be happy with that, I’m going to get frustrated more often than not. I’ve since changed my thinking to how @Rook is. (What I didn’t tell you is that I had gotten at least 10 4* heroes including 2 Merlin)


Before War I would have either agreed with you, or eaten four duplicates as a very expensive Special skillup. Now with War, I think there’s room for a little duplication. :wink:


I wholeheartedly agree with you Rook that a little duplication can go a long way with the advent of AW! (but in some cases it is too much of a good thing! Ha, ha)

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This is the first game in which you can send money to get something (gems ​​to invoke) and in which after spending the money you stay the same or worse. That only has a name SCAM


Holy guacamole, good whisky and a black cat :heart_eyes:

I got 3 Delilahs and I’m just keeping the extra 2 for fun farming in low levels. I won’t be leveling them up but feeding them to other heroes seems too harsh and not worthy.


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