Is burn/bleed/DoT true damage?

So I’ll use a term from the game league of legends: “true damage”.
True damage is the type of damage that is delt with out any extra calculations.
For example: a heroes has 800 hp. If it’s delt 150 true damage , the heroes will go to 650 hp. Just pure
hp - damage.
So my question is: is burn bleed and in general damage over time effects true damage? Or are they altered by the heroes attack and/or the receivers defense

DoT is “true damage” in the sense that it is not affected by any ailments or buffs. Note that it is affected by troop bonuses.


And don’t forget the extra damage for certain elements. e.g. Gravemaker / Natalya and Nature targets. That can surprise you when it comes out 50% higher that what it says on the card.

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Yea, they ignore defense.

So does that make it op? Like 300 true damage is alot

Almost 300 damage to a single enemy. On average heroes have 1200 hp [not exact number]. So dealing 300 damage is already significant. I guess the down side is that it’s over 6 turns witch is a lot. But most games go on for way more than that. And you are already dealing 400%. I’m not that expirianced so I’ll pass the question to you do you think useing DoT’s is a viable strategy?

It works OK, depending on how much and how fast. Gravemaker has his 300 done over 2 turns and is great. Sartana’s over 6 turns is meh. Realistically people pick Sartana for their team because of her 452% direct damage and think of the DoT as a nice bonus. The downside to DoT is that there are opportunities for that DoT effect to be removed via cleansing effects. Also healing can offset DoT and what would have been a deadly amount of damage if it all landed on one turn becomes a manageable wound. Think of it as a leaky boat and healing as bailing water out as fast as it comes in.

There’s also the rationale that if you finish off your opponent before the DoT kills your heroes then who cares?

Yeah ok, so it’s just to unpredictable, most of the times slow damage. Yes it’s a lot but treatable

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