Is BT still top tier?

If you don’t have maxed heroes, then it is worth maxing Scarlett or Kelile first. Boldtusk or Kirill will do their job at 3.60 as effective as in full ascension provided their skill is at 8. Snipers, in contrast, require full ascension to be effective.

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I am planning on ascending Caedmon, does he qualify as a sniper? I am pretty short on ascension materials, so I have to be selective about who gets ascended first in each color.
For green, I have Caedmon and Brynhild; for red, Boldtusk and Kelile (Scarlett is at 1.1); for blue, Kiril and Sonya. I was going to go with Kiril and Caedmon until I got some hidden blades. Now, I wonder if I should go with Caedmon, Sonya and Boldtusk. Once I get some traps, I’ll probably ascend Rigard over Burt, so I have to keep that in mind, too.

Caedmon definitely worth ascension. He is a sniper and debuffer. So is Sonya but in blue.
As I said: healers can do their job without bringing them to a final level, so for some time you can save presious ascention materials on Boldtusk or Kirill and max Sonya or Scarlett instead.
If Grimm will show up, I’d ascend him before Sonya, provided you already have Caedmon.

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I do have Grimm, pulled him about 2 days ago, he’s barely at 2nd tier. I would like to have a healer who lasts, though. I usually bring 2 to a raid, and they get wrecked first. I do have a Tyr at 3.25 or so, but I don’t quite think of him as a sniper (although his bypass comes useful). Plus, I’m nowhere close to having 6 rings, so he’s like a side project.

This, so much this. That 5/5/10/5 atk/def/HP/mana bonus a maxed costume gives is non-trivial, and is equivalent to about +9 talent.

To give you an idea, my BT+10 with maxed costume bonus going the full def/HP route (except first node where it’s atk+def) has 632-822-1289 stats. An alliance mate with a BT+18 but no costume bonus who went the same path has his BT with 618-822-1284, basically equal but with -14 atk, or one node worth of talent, so a maxed costume bonus gives roughly +9 talent as I mentinoed.

And with the +5% mana bonus a maxed costume gives, you can now charge BT in just 9 tiles with a lv 5 mana troop, which is very achievable by pretty much anybody, and makes him even more awesome to use. (I have mana troops of every color except red though :sob:)


A general rule of thumb is to focus on building a deep roster of 4* first before switching to 5*. To raise one 5* you need mats enough for maxing 2 4* of a same color. At a level where mats for 4* are limited spending them on a 5* is kind of ineffective.


Here is my bad boy in both configurations with emblems and costume


Yeah, I got excited when he and Telluria showed up on the same pull, and I didn’t have many reds at the time, so I fed him and Kelile. I didn’t start getting red 4* until recently.

A 4* with 858 defense is kinda comical

Looks like I have a project to look forward to. Do you have to put emblems on the costume separately?

No the costume follows the emblem path of the original, so if you intend on using the costume more (or exclusively), then make sure you pick the talent path you want for the costume in the original

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I can imagine that. :slight_smile: I wish I had any of them. But , yet it is worth putting them aside and focus on 4s. They give much faster return of investment. Having enough 4 you will be able to hunt bigger titans and quests, which in turn give you more ascention materials.


Agreed. I’ve yet to level a single 3* troop, because when I compared across many different teams, I came to the conclusion that a lv 1 4* troop is about equal to a lv 8 3* troop, hence they’re not worth the food or feeder cost at all, especially considering there’s no reliable way of farming troops. For me, all my 3* troops will forever stay at lv 1.


Tyr is kind of a weird cat. He’s a loner “swiss army knife” type dude. When the rest of the team works off each other, the Bad Santa in the corner just doing his own thing. But once my heroes start dying and the synergy loss really criples them, he sort of carries the team.

But yeah, I am working on my 4* right now, but I’m C2P, so I don’t have many of them. Once I get Hildi to 3.60, if I don’t have a compass to ascend Caedmon, I’ll have to throw green feeders at Telluria or cross color feed.

I was waiting to pull a 4* troop, but the RNG hasn’t been kind to me. When I pulled about 15 of them, I just said "screw it, I’d rather start slowly working on the 3*. Even now, finished Find Recruits 2, got a token…another 3*. I’m approaching 30 draws, easy. Still no 4*.

Ok, with some exceptions

Despite hundreds of pulls I didn’t get a four star green troop for almost two years. I maxed a 3 star while I waited and have no regrets. You gotta work with what you’ve got

Another issue is you cannot use 4* troops in a fair bit of content these days. So if you like competing at those, like some tourneys and lower level events, levelling some lower troops can have a payoff for you

What is a rule for some (only level 4* troops) doesn’t have to be a rule for everyone


Are you F2P, C2P, or P2P? If P2P, try doing a couple of 10 pulls. The stated odds are that there’s a 10% chance for a 4* troop, and in my experience in close to 100 pulls it does average out to that number. Some 10 pulls I get lucky and get two 4* troops, others I get zero.

Ha as soon as I finished writing that I thought “hmmm well you can’t use 4* troops for 4* only tourneys and the epic tier events, so there’s some merit to strategically leveling certain 3* troops”.

And as you said, sometimes the RNG just fails you completely and you have to work with what you got.


I try to participate in everything. At least for now, I want to practice every different mode with every different restriction. It show me the holes in my game, in my lineup etc. Plus, POV features tournaments. I try to play those, especially if I have a mission chest waiting for me in the morning. I get extra 5 raids, pretty much.

You, actually, don’t need many of 4* simultaneously, as you can raise not more than five at a time. As a c2p I’d count on Training Camps in the first place. Actually, I am c2p (close to f2p). Most of my 4* are from Season 1 and came from Camps.

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I am a c2p, I think. POV, VIP, and an occasional deal here and there. Usually, no more than $30-$40 a month. I don’t really spend gems on epic troops, just pick them up as I go along, but I did spend some gems early on.

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