Is BT still top tier?

Read a lot of good reviews, then read that he got nerfed (maybe even twice).
Anyways, I have a few heroes waiting on compasses. Kiril and Caedmon will go up, and I don’t have any OP reds (I have Kelile and Scarlett), so right now I’m leveling BT. My only maxed 4* is Mist. My question is should I level BT ASAP or should I get some snipers in first? Kiril will be my first healer/buffer, but does BT justify having a second one? Or should I max Kelile or Scarlett first? Or maybe I should wait for someone better?


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Scarlett is great for titans with her high attack. BT and Kiril are very similar type heroes who overwrite each other – it’s hard to use both effectively together. OTOH healers are a premium for wars, the more the merrier. BT was nerfed I believe more than 2 years ago.


BT was my first 4* healer. He remains very relevant and useful, I raid with him every day, and I have about 20 ascended fives

With costume and at +18 talents focussed on defense and hp, he is more survivable than a lot of fives. His costumed version is also handy in trials or when you need a bigger heal in hard levels. And he can resurrect himself as well in base not costume

In short, he is great. Even better with costume and talents


Yes, Boldtusk is worth maxing, as he makes a great support hero in basically everything [in-game] and works as a solid defensive tank, as well; I’d still consider him one of the best supporting 4* [to this day]. He’ll be your go to support hero for offense, and most titans, til you get more options up and running.

So I would go ahead and max him, but if you plan to make Kiril your first blue project [to 70], I’d wait to max him til you finish Scarlett, first, as that way you’ll have more offensive power [in there]. Scarlett’s got a great attack stat, lowers attack, and has fast mana - so definitely worth maxing [before Kelile].

& You can’t really have too many healers, so even a 2nd or 3rd BT are worth eventually maxing [down the road]. But for now, I’d focus on variety more, and get all three reds you mentioned maxed first before ever starting on any dupes.

  1. Scarlett
  2. Boldtusk
  3. Kelile

Thanks, guys. I do happen to have 3 of him, and a costume, so I’ll max him and the costume when I get some compasses. He’s still on 2nd tier for me, so it’ll be a while.

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You will be happy with BT. He is the best red 4* tank. And I still colorstack with him for war and titans for his 48% attack up.


I have two maxed Boldtusks - one with +20 emblems and one without emblems. I use both in pretty much every war, and I use the emblemed one every day in raids as the situation requires.

I have one maxed Kiril, no emblems, because I have multiple of Proteus and he got all my Wizard emblems. I almost never use Kiril, except he goes on my Red Titan team.

My vote goes for Boldtusk… at least for my playstyle, +48% attack is what wins raids for me. Defense is for people who don’t kill their enemies fast enough. :wink:

Good gaming!


An added benefit of the costume is the stat boost. If you have a red 4* mana troop, try to get that to level 5 in addition to maxing his costume. At level 5, with the costume bonus, Boldtusk’s mana will be charged in 9 tiles instead of 10.


I don’t have any 4* troops yet (been about 25 pulls by now), but I am working on my Brynhild, and her special is maxed. What’s the percentage needed for that?

I definitely don’t kill them fast enough, maybe because I’m not using him lol
As soon as I get him to tier 3, I’ll start using him, right now, he’s still a bit anemic.

I have 3 BTs, 2 Scarletts and 2 Kelile’s haha. Kelile is the only one at 3.60 because she’s my first red 4*, and I just started about 2 months ago.

To get an average hero from 10 tiles to 9, you need +12% mana. So Brynhild’s buff is more than enough. To get average hero from 10 to 8 tiles, you need +25%, so her buff by itself is not quite enough. The buff plus a lvl 1 mana troop would be enough.

As an aside, it sounds like you are just starting out. If no one has told you this, I advise you not to level any troops besides 4* ones. Save all your feeders for the 4*.


Yup. I have various teams of 5* heroes and still use my Boldy often. Even kept him at level 20 emblems.

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I am leveling troops when i have no more storage for food. Sometimes, I literally have nowhere to spend food. Plus, I kinda gave up on finding 4* troop. I know it’s RNG, and it’s supposed to have a 10% chance of a 4*, but as much as I’ve pulled, it seems hopeless. If I do pull one, I’ll be happy to have it, even unleveled. I have all the time in the world to level them lol.

That is a mistake in my opinion, but of course do what you wish. You can’t build more troops, so it is important to save the feeders you have so that when you eventually find a 4* mana troop you can work towards those important breakpoints that decrease the tiles needed to charge a special. If you need something to spend your food on, create a food bank in a training camp. That banked food will surely come in handy later (probably leveling those troops, because boy does it become expensive).


Is there a limit how many feeders I can train at each TC or do I just shove food and recruits there?

I also use the 3* troops for the tournaments and events. Do they even make a difference there?

There is no limit. Search the forum for threads regarding how to setup a food bank. I did a quick search and this is the first one I saw.


Awesome, thanks. So should I stop leveling my 3*? Are they completely useless?

3* troops are not useless, you will use them in events and tourneys. However, the value of a leveled 4* troop far outweighs the value of a leveled 3*. The 3* can work just as well at level 1.

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Gotcha, so the marginal improvement on the leveling is not worth it, considering the food. I’ll try the food bank idea.

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