Is Brienne worth levelling

On the current 3*s tournament reds are not allowed, that maybe why you don’t see them.
Brienne is good.
I’ve built 3 reams of 3’s, 2 regulars 1 Atlantis, i can mix and match to most opponents.
Have fun.

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What about levels 4/60 and up on 4 star?

Well red is not allowed in this tournament :wink: I’d say some of the best 3* heroes are red though, their attack stats are quite above average over most other 3*s.


Brienne is not a healer, she is an attack buff

She was the first green i got and i leveld her and she is awsome! once you get that buff up you will do some really good damage! still use her and the damage never disapoint me.

No idea, 4 star heroes always finished quickly enough so we never did the math on them.