Is Brienne worth levelling

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If you’re going to claim that 4* + 20 is basically a 5*, and that a 3*+20 is basically a 4*…

…then you’re comparing a 4* Brienne to a 5* Boldtusk/Kiril.

Isn’t that the same comparison as the current 3* vs 4* versions? Wouldn’t BT or Kiril still be preferable?

…especially since everyone else will be leveling up their own heroes in exactly the same manner. I should imagine that, just as before, the only reason to level up Brienne will be to have a good +Attack buff in the Rare level Challenge Events where you can’t use anything over a 3* hero.

In the last release, if you have a maxed hero, the odds of their special going up is x4, so if you get another brienne, it’s 100%.

@Wormwood - Hey buddy! Great to see you on the Forum! Miss you guys - see that Pickles left but everyone else who was very hospitable remains - that Says a lot about you!

@Hawkeye - so just at first glance of you question… if your a 3* player currently Brienne in my opinion is one of the BEST Rare heroes in the game and plays well into your entry of EPIC class playing. As well an excellent permanent use hero in Rare CE’s.

Palomo: Yeah we’re like the Avengers. Okay Smith can be Captain America, Jensen’s Black Widow-

Jensen: Who are you?

Palomo: Uhhggg. Tony Stark. Obviously.

Bitters: Oh whatever, you’re totally Hawkeye.

Palomo: Comic book Hawkeye or movie Hawkeye?

Bitters: Movie Hawkeye.

Palomo: ( raises pistol ) You ■■■■ yourself!

I 100% SECOND This opinion! She is the BOMB!

Hey my man… Pics still a Blazer to the core… He’s just taking a little break, as a few others, we got peeps all over the place right now. I took a little break myself but starting to pick things up again. It was an honor to host you for a short while, we must do it again sometime… :grinning:

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I back this up 100%.
Add Gunnar and you have the best duo!

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@Wormwood I’m READY when you are my friend! Hanging with TM till then, looks like I get to go to WAR with them!


Hey my man… Finally catching up with things, I visited Titan Mafia for a while and sadly you weren’t there but everyone else were awesome hosts, I’d expect no less from this bunch… I’d like to get ya back in here for a few days as soon as I get a spot man. I’ll drop you a line as soon as I do…

ps. Enjoy my cups meanwhile, lol… So sad…

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@Wormwood Cool bro - TITAN MAFIA – An Empires & Puzzles Users Group

@Roxy_TM told me about it - I visit the old team once in a bit, sorry I missed ya - she always speaks VERY HIGHLY of you.

Last night I tore through you in like 20 seconds with the CAT my only Talent leveled (III) hero lol…

that COOL CAT can mess people UP!



@Wormwood you will be interested in this…

I love the cat… Brings all scattered heroes together so Panther/Sargasso can do their thing, it’s such an OP feature imo… He’d be very interesting as a +20 hero. #goodtimesahead

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@Razor Hey bud, looks like we’re ready for your visit if you’re still up for it. We just had a few moves going on so perfect timing… Let me know.

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I’ll be right over, I can’t chat as I’m in work mode at the moment but will catch up with the team tonight ok! Thanks buddy.

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20 characters…

So I just decided that I’m gonna get a solid 3* team for tournament. After looking at top players over and I’ve discovered that GREEN IS THE MOST POWERFUL, and most people do a 2 or 3 stack of green, red is practically obsolete (which I’m confused about) …

So I’m considering:
Balthazar/Melia and 3 green OR
Balthazar/Melia/Valen and 2 green

My top greens are Belith, Brienne, Mneusseus, Berden, Muggy

I’m torn between choosing a 2 stack or 3 in place of Valen, and which green heroes.

I take a healer on EVERY team, but I literally LOVE muggy his special is one of the most unique in this game, and this post confirmed that Brienne is probably the most valuable 3*healer there is!

So should I do 3-1-1 to have muggy Brienne and Belith (but that only leaves 2 attackers) or should I do 2-1-1-1 to keep Valen in.

Also do y’all favor Mnesseus or Berden over Muggy?

Lastly, would you choose Gato over Valen?

Side thought, since everyone uses so many green in your would a red stack make it and demolish greens??

Yes, when I was starting out she made a huge difference and until I got Wu used her and ascended her to 7, she increased my scores and helped me grow.