Is Brienne worth levelling

Is she worth the time levelling up? I do have a high levelled Caedmon and fully levelled Belith and just got Brienne…thoughts?

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Depends in what else you have, her damage buff is decent but there are better.

Brienne is good for beginner events and is a good titan buffer until the higher level titans 8-10. If you’re at 7 star or lower she doesn’t get one shot so if you don’t have BT or Kiril her attack buff can be good.


I am going to be much more emphatically in her favor. She is probably the best three star hero,. Period if she can fire her special, it completely changes the dynamics of your team. She is the most compelling team buffer at the three star level


If you get her and a Spirit Link going at the same time, it gets crazy. Every hit from an enemy boosts the entire team.


Yes, especially for the beginner level of challenge events, as indicated.

Okay, this is what I was looking for. I have Kailani for Spirit Link but was wondering if it was worth levelling Brienne as Isshtak does fairly okay on damage (and I’ve had him for ages so is higher in level). Thanks.

My Brienne is at 3/25, but her special is still at 4. When I run her with Gunnar and get both the specials going, I have gotten everyone over +120% on attack regularly. Especially on boards with 4 or 5 monsters when a couple a turn are hitting me. If you can keep them both alive, it’s a great combo.


Thanks again! I have Hawkmoon for healing, and she’s getting better at sticking around. :laughing: Now if only the ability to level the 3* specials was equal to the 4s and 5s,…

I would fully level Brienne before replacing Isshtak, since she’s a little squishy and dies faster.

Once leveled, no question she’s my favorite green 3*. :slight_smile:


Thanks again!

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I’m with you. I may have Brienne fuly leveled with her special still being at 4! Ugh.

Don’t worry about that @Redeye - you can still work on her special even when she’s leveled up. Just focus on same color and 2s are better than 1s. If you get lucky and get another Brienne, it’s 25% to her special right there.

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My problem is that I have Caedmon sitting there waiting for his last ascension, and I’m throwing away heroes on a 3* that I will use once a month in the event. If there were something reliable, I would be fine with it, but the chance of nothing sucks more than the usual for this game.

with 3 training camps you should be able to take a 4 star from 3/60 to max 70 in like 3-4 days so you’re not really holding Caed back much.

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Dante - if that is true, I may be doing something fundamentally wrong. Could you give a brief run down of your leveling procedure? Thanks.

Is anyone else leveling Brienne right now? I feel like she got behind the scenes nerfed and her special will not increase. I have her at Level 42 in the 3rd ascension and her special is still at 4! I realize there is bad luck and all, but that’s horrible. She was super popular in the past monthly event. I’m interested to hear from someone else that is working on her right now.

with 3 training camps I would run two of them on level 11 extra low cost 24x7. They should always be queued up training heroes. The third camp you use for your swords and backpacks. I have a huge stockpile of swords, so for levels 1-25 after an ascension, I just train swords (level 1 common training). The whole time I’m leveling, the only map I farm is 5-8 for backpacks…while training swords for levels 1-25 this allows backpacks to build up. Once the hero hits level 25, I switch to level 2 uncommon training (backpacks) until the hero is maxed. If I run out of recruits to keep it all going, I’ll switch to 8-7 for a bit to stock up on recruits.

This particular strategy has taken 3 of my 5 star heroes from 3/70 to 4/80 in ~6 days each using 3 training camps (note: there were NO heroes stockpiled on any of these. It was back to back to back). My Albi is lvl 72 now and will be quicker for that final tier since I had all 4 TCs for his whole leveling period. 4 star going from 3/60 to 4/70 are quicker.

If you have a 4th training camp, you can either run a third 24x7 at extra low cost (level 11) or do more swords/backpacks. For me I do the former as it’s less maintenance as I have an alt account as well as helping my kids with their account.

NOTE: this is feeding all heroes of all colors to the single hero you are leveling. If you’re working on a bunch of heroes across all colors you may or may not want to do that. This is assuming your team is relatively set/stuck and then you get the mats to ascend one of them.


I think I made a big mistake when I started doing the color specific training that takes a backpack and a sword. I got a few guys leveled up nicely, but I totally depleted my supply of swords. I assumed that I would always have enough since they are common, but now I am perpetually out of them. I have been farming 8-7 mostly, but the swords and backpacks on that level seemed to have dropped off severely in the past week. Right now I am torn between running the level 11 low cost training or trying the level 13 to attempt to fix my Brienne who is almost maxed with a special still at 4. Should I maybe run one on each of those and use my 3rd for level 1 and 2? That Brienne issue has seriously screwed up my flow.

the only point color specific training is worth is levels 73 or 74-80 on a five star. At all other points there are more efficient uses of both swords/backpacks per xp as well as food per xp.


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