Is Brianne a good titan damage buffer?

I have one Brianne 1/1 waiting to be leveled Up.
Recently some members from my alliance left It . We are going to be facing now titans lvl 6 or 7 at max
Is it useful? My dream is to pull wu Kong but i dont have It.

Right now i was leveling Up some 5* and mostly 4* and stoped leveling 3* weeks ago

As a temporary thing, yes Brianne can be useful.

Long term for titan use? No. She’s just too squishy (like any other 3*).

That being said, shes a staple for me in the Events and 3* Tournaments because of that attack buff so you’ll still get use out of her if you level her up :slight_smile:


In saying that, I would advise testing her out & comparing that damage to if you run an extra strong colour instead…

I.e. if you’re battling a red titan, use her & check what your tile damage is. Then on the next flag, replace her with another Blue Hero & check what your tile damage is…

The reason being is that the colour stacking benefit may out-weigh the benefit that Brianne provides :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah , overall Brianne is one of the BEST 3* around .
But she might wait if i cannot take a profit from her. I mean i can stacking colors or use banners .

Thanks for replying!

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I’m pretty sure that I have read here that Brienne is only really good for Titans up to about 5*, after that she can be too easily one hit, up to that I prefer Valen with his defense down on all colours.

I take brienne fully emblemed to all my 9* blue titans. My green Titan team is the best.
I saw a video about it somewhere.
Her and tarlak really boost the scores

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Brienne + Spirit link from Gunnar or Kailani = Instant Max Attack increase


here is sample using Brienne Titan 12* blue, damage 48k, without element def down Evelyn 48k is already best.


I’ve gotten to the point where Brienne no longer makes my Titan teams, but I was using her into at least 8* without any Emblems:

My alliance is casual so we are always in the 4 star to six star bracket with the occasional 7 star. So if your alliance is blow 8 star titans a lot, then yes Brienne is useful. I have mine at +20 and she goes real well with any spirit link hero (Gunnar, Kailani, Wilbur) as when the titan hits, everyone gets their berserker buff imcrease. When the special hits though, you can reach astronomical numbers in one turn. I am talking about maybe 50K total damage if the board cooperates.

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