Is Black Friday 2022 or Challenge Festival 2 better if you have all the "old" event and S2 S3 4*? [POLL]

  • Black Friday is better for those who already have all the old event and Atlantis/Valhalla 4*
  • Challenge Festival 2 is better for those who already have all the old event and Atlantis/Valhalla 4*

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OK I need your help here!!

So I know I said I would rather spend gems on CF2 but I am seriously wondering what the pros and cons are for each.

Assuming I don’t have ANY CF2 heroes and minimal 5* heroes from the Black Friday portal, which one is the most advantageous to summon from?

The thing about the Black Friday portal is I really don’t want to summon an Atlantis Valhalla Pirates Wonderland Avalon (etc …Insert name of really old event) 4*, but I appreciate that this downside is offset by the fact that all 4* from all portals are basically available…

It seems to me that the best I can hope for in a ten pull are decent 4* (and a 5* is just a bonus) so I am taking the approach that I want to aim for good 4* heroes regardless of the portal.

With all that in mind (and noting I’d like to be FTP…), and noting the summon odds below, which portal is better in your opinion?

It seems to me that if I want to avoid the less desirable 4* I should just go for CF2…

But if I want to take a (more expensive) risk I should go for Black Friday I guess…

Challenge Festival II

Black Friday


Thank you all! :slight_smile:


Ok the vote is 50/50 at the moment which is not very reassuring for me LOL

Thanks to all who have voted. Would love to hear your thoughts too obviously :slight_smile:


I would for sure to go challenge festival. If you’re getting a legendary, it’s better to be an event hero with costume or bard hero than I dont know… some old season 2 no costume hero like Mokarr or even an old and weak HOTM like yang mai.


Thanks @RebelForces !! I am thinking the same atm!!

Black Friday on the boards seem more like that begrudged coal lump pre assention Scrooge gave Bob - 15% more… are there better?

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Challenge festival is meant for players who just want a new premium hero, doesn’t matter if it’s jove/Fortuna or Thoth amun, they just want one.

Hold. Hold.

ToL portal on 28 November will feature Costume Hel n Perseus. Just updated by @Elioty33

You may want to try for these 2.

CF2 launches 1 December.


As a fellow FTP I broke down and did a 10 pull here. I don’t regret the spent gems but I think CF2 is the move. To your point, this portal contains season 2, CF1, and HOTM going back to 2017.

CF2 will have a tighter, and more current, roster of heroes.

In my case I received Gulli and Wang Yuanji which were both new. Ironic because both are slow, yellow over healers but in the yellow healer department I only have base Vivica and Candy.

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Get CF2 cause all I am getting from this Black Friday is disappointment.

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