Is Bera the new best tank?

I’m starting to see a new trend now . Bera is now the top tank I see even over black knight and others. I would of thought fera is the best minion hero and her 30% defense to all allies would put her in a better tank position than Bera so the question is why Bera ? What’s making her such a great tank now ?

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What makes her a great tank is being flanked by Frigg and Odin … if she fires, her consistent dot pressure puts you in wipe range of Frigg and Odin pretty quickly … and even if you take her out, the minions make it tough to kill the flanks off quickly (not to mention the classes of each already making it tough at times) and the mana drain can happen right as you’re ready to fire off your specials… it’s a difficult team to deal with, but there are minion heroes out there that make it easier (grimble and skadi and such with the new feb hotm being potentially helpful as well). I haven’t found Bera to be difficult to deal with when not flanked by the 2 mentioned.


Both heroes are still annoying, but the more aggressive hero would be Bera. Properly emblemed Bera’s poison continues to do about 90 damage each turn, even if the minion dies.
However, since I recently got C. Gormek, the Minion Summoner tank is a tile dump and recovery drug for me. Even if the defense side is filled with minions, you can kill them all with 9 red tiles, and the offense side will recover about 1,000 HP.


Yep. Bera tanks are prevalent on mid to high diamond. Been that for several weeks now. Indeed, Bera’s minion is more pressing than Freya’s by reason of the poison, placing your heroes to close death range when Frigg and Odin fire. I’d rather face Freya or Alfrike tanks anytime. Not that I shun the challenge Bera poses. My mono yellow team is always ready with Gazelle leading the charge firing in 9 tiles.

Fast + beefy minions + ongoing poison + minion prevention + decent stats + mana cut on death makes for a tough opponent, particularly when flanked by fast & strong heroes. She does have a few banes however:

  • Skadi + C Kiril (or other D-down) - one good whack at 5 minions and you basically win

  • Noor + C Rig/cleanser - her first self minion battles the tide. Once she is charged make sure you trigger the cleanser, after which her minions will control the situation and ensure Bera’s minions can’t take a foothold

  • Gefjon - Not a full solution but if she can steal a couple of Bera minions then they can start biting back and stop Bera from spawning more minions

  • Grimble - as an off-color minion cleaner and mana booster he excels against fast minion summoners as he insta kills them all, and the more the merrier

  • Gormerk C/Gobbler - I haven’t tried either but I assume they would be pretty effective

  • Myztero - 6 tiles to charge - wait until he is stung (won’t take long) then throw back both the poison and the minion stop to all opponents just before she fires again. Her special then does absolutely nothing. You can throw more tiles/cascade into her to ensure she wastes at least one more special whilst you charge up everyone. Lady Loki can do this too but not as effectively because she is slower and she will not throw back to everyone and probably not for the full duration


very accurate, thanks.

just one thing: is noor still able to perform her innate ability (ie summoning herself a minion whenever an opponent does) if bitten by one of bera’s moths?

I called it somewhere to be very temporary trend - February’s HotM should put an end to these purple minion maker tanks. He will just punish them quite hard (very high snipe dmg bypassing the minion + DoT applied to all enemies that have minions). And he’s yellow so fits the anti-tank squad perfectly.

No - it affects even her innate ability. So, the first time Bera summons the innate ability will work, but after that it will only work if she is unbitten or cleansed

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We talked about it in my line group and don’t think so.
If you look at the Fire and Ice rosters you can see a pattern.
One with high health and defense.
The other with high attack.
And thick with def down.
And elemental def down.
And dispel.

As if the idea was to pit the immovable object against the unstoppable force.

The idea sounded cool but… didn’t account for stacking.

I called it well over a month ago.

The red tank experiment would fail. As BK has already failed. He is, on paper… debatably the best tank in the game. But blue is overwhelmingly armed to cut through red tanks like they are made of paper!. This is why Red Titans are rest periods. Time to restock.

Bera gets a bump for speed. And is a good fit for hosting a certain yellow and green flank…
But her stats will be super ceded.

Along with yet another, incoming hero who will define summoners as…
Made of paper

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I’d think February’s HotM should handle her well in raids


Definitely agree, when I saw Uraeus my first thought was “this guy was designed with beating Freya and Bera in mind”

think put cleanser on your team c.rigard, vanda , francine…not really best tank i think…

Skadi and Grimble are top of the list for dealing with Bera in my opinion.

I think Uraeus would slot in right after them. The pierce is good, the burn is good. But the burn takes a few turns to take out her minions. Now if he was paired up with Grimble that might be quite a strong synergy - fire Uraeus first, get the burn up for everyone, trigger grimble to destroy all minions/replenish mana. Then you have hundreds of health worth of DOT that will affect the heroes.

Then come Gobbler and C Gormek - they destroy all her minions but the subsequent part of the special is not as impactful (the heal)

Noor is OK as long as she has a cleanser buddy

Lady Loki/Myztero cripple her and her team, giving them poison and preventing her from creating more minions during which you can dump tiles into her

Garnet is a better tank than BK for that reason…she can easily go off block def down and boost health

Just wanted to scoot in here and say that Bera is the absolute shizzle. I use her in every single raid as an off-color support and she’s freaking awesome. Freya, Tell, Seshat, noor, etc. are completely neutered. Long live the new queen.

Bera because yet again E&P made another overpowered tank. To continue to drive people away from the game. After 2 nerfs to telluria you would think that they would have learned by now. But they continue to show the community that they really don’t care what you think.

I think the trend is doesn’t matter the tank as long as you have Odin/Frigg flanks. But as for tanks Bera, Freya, Garnet, BK are on the top.

Yes because she is over powered

She is strong… but as with any minion summoner she has a LOT of counters to her as tank. If you have any of those counters then she acts as tile dump tank with very little repercussion

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She is, hands down.
Sure, there are many counters (skadi, uraneus) But most effective ones goes average, which is bit tough.
And than there is Noor, which is almost impossible to play agants Bera, you need cleasner aswell as mentioned above. You need keep on cleanse and wait slow noor to charge, thats meh.

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