Is bera still war tank king (Queen) or do we have new ones?

Assuming still talking purple war tanks (more on that later) is bera still the best? There hasn’t been so much tank discussion recently since the new heroes have been out as well as raid formations changing, but war still uses a traditional formation so who is the best outside bera?

I’ve seen a few give a go to:
Freya (very similar)
Dr Moreau
Alfrike (although only for VF in my opinion)
Assume Ludwig soon

But still think bera is the best? Will that change with LB? Does that bring back Ursena etc or are just those above with lb still better…

Secondly, is dark still the tank of choice? I’m in a top 100-200 alliance usually and we’ve not changed but I notice some of the top alliances look like they have red tanks, like LB Elizabeth and soon to be LB costume gravemaker. Is this something that has changed recently or are they just trying things out and purple is still the favourite?

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As an additional thought, what is the meta war defence these days? We used to be able to see the top defences but due to formations we don’t see what people use for war Def, only the formation defence. Used to be the old ninja + frigg and Odin… I suspect we have a few more heroes to add now

I think Liz is the current top tank overall, but she’s only being tested as possible new meta at the very upper echelons because she’s still relatively rare compared to many of the various purple options, and the other best red tanks (BK, costume GM, maybe Octros, maybe Garnet) are all incredibly rare too, so not a lot of alliances can viably field red tanks.

IMO, Bera’s still the best purple tank. She punishes bad boards by stacking up those nasty poisonous minions, and she also screws up what otherwise would have been good-enough boards a lot of the time by cutting your mana after you make your last on-color match. (I mean, ideally, you’d work around her mana cut and save a match for after she’s dead, but that’s not always possible, and cascades often make it happen beyond your control.)

Freya has the mana cut, and punishes bad boards similarly with her minions, but it takes longer for those minions to really dig in and damage the attacking heroes, because they don’t start doing serious damage until there are three of them. Bera’s minions also keep damaging you after they’re dead, via their poison; if you use a minion remover like Grimble or cGormek, Freya’s minions are fully neutralized immediately.

Moreau is just kinda meh as a tank, imo. He doesn’t punish bad boards, and it’s easy enough to work around his ailment (or cleanse it) if need be.

Hannah and Xnolphod can both punish a bad board by stacking up fiends and speeding up flank/wing specials, respectively. But both die to three mono yellow tiles or six mono neutral tiles, and don’t cause any problems for the attacker when they do so, like Bera and Freya do. (Also, if Bera/Freya fire early enough, they would take more than 3/6 tiles to kill b/c of the extra minion health. Hannah has this going for her too, sometimes, because she weakens base tile damage, obviously.)

I don’t think purple LBs next month will change any of this.


I’d probably rank them something like this:

1 Bera
2 Freya/Hannah tie
4 Xnol/Killhare tie
6 Ursena/Moreau tie
8 Clarissa? Dark Lord? Hel? Costume Obakan?
12 Alfrike, Ludwig, Boss Wolf, Khiona

(In case it’s not clear, I’m not a fan of slow tanks!)

ETA Disclaimer: Haven’t seen Ludwig in action yet. Especially if flanked by other Clash of Knights heroes, he could be freaking amazing against bad boards.


Sorry to derail the topic a bit. But how would you compare Bera and Xno on offense? I was preparing for Xno’s final ascension, but I just pulled Bera so I am wondering on whom to focus now.

And back on the topic, I am currently using Costume Obakan as a tank. He performs much better than Ursena, which some of my alliance mates use. It’s true, it might be also because of the Elizabeth flank. With BK as flank he did not seem to work as well.

I don’t have Xnol myself. Seems like would be good in a 3/2 attack with Alfrike or something like that? I love using Bera and Freya together on offense. Never really used either of them without the other though.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either Xnol or Bera, once you’ve finished leveling them, so I don’t think it matters a ton which one you finish first. I guess I’d lean toward Bera because (IMO) she’d be a significant war tank upgrade.

Interesting info on Urs vs. cObakan. Those are actually my two choices on my alt account, and I had originally been using cObakan, but the leaders in that alliance asked me to switch to Urs, so I did. But way too small sample of both to draw any conclusions (not to mention that alliance doesn’t track war stats, so I probably couldn’t go back and get the data anyway.) I’ll just add that my “ranking” above is very loose in my mind, and I would be the last one to give anybody a hard time for choosing one of the heroes ranked 8/12 over any of those ranked 4 - 8. It’s all purely subjective, because I have no stats to back it up.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your perspective. I only have C. Obakan as maxed dark 5*, so neither Xno+Alfrike nor Bera+Freya will be possible. But I also lean towards Bera now, especially as I think she will be very helpful in player vs. events.

I agree about the insufficient data. I was just pleasently surprised that the last few wars I was getting one-shot 1 or maximum 2 times per war out of 7-8 different attacks.

Being purple the only color who hasn´t LB quest I would´nt suggest going purple tanks.

Senan is also fearsome.

For offense better is Xnolphod as he healer and mana booster. I have both max emblemed and I never use Bera on offense. Bera is one of best tanks in the game.

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Thanks for the advice!

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Hope this stats help you.


Thanks for the detailed reply @gregschen roll be interesting to see how red tanks pan out, blue has better counters generally but they benefit from better potential synergy with flanks like frigg (where you wouldn’t go green anymore), Francine and c kad etc.

On the above, that’s a fair list IMO. As I would have placed many of them but wasn’t sure if I was missing something

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Depends on preference, as said above, bera will be an upgrade to defence and is good in offence, a pseudo healer at fast speed and also gives poison. She’s also good in auto play as are all minion heroes if that’s important?

On offence only however I would lean xnolphod (all others I would lean bera), especially if you go mono. The mana boost as well as the mana increases to tiles can get very good and is very helpful speeding up slower hero’s if you have them


Sorry also derailed from topic, just wanted to say that Xnolphod on offense not only mana boost purple or him self but when he starts going off he boost all heroes mana by 20% plus he gains additional mana with enhanced shields. This is just super huge. I use him in defense as well instead of Bera.


Ooh, forgot about the tiles giving extra mana too. Seems great for mono for sure.

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Will costume ursena give bera a run for her money?

I don’t see much appeal to Urs’s costume on defense. Better for titans.

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Out of interest as they re my only real options when we go purple tanks for VF wars where would seshat and Quintus rank in your listing?

I have all of then +20 and bera is still more better choice her moth’s are good and still handy now a days

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I think, because of the amounts of heroes that were added to the game lately, and many, even high spenders, not being able yet to gather enough materials to max them out, there’s really no answer to the original question.

The game changes so quickly, it’s tough to catch up. Everything is just theory now. Like I thought Motega will be great addition to my defense, but having pulled him, I still didn’t get enough darts to put him out there. I think the game needs to slow down, which I hope will happen after they finish that last 5th new event, and only then we can figure out the new world.

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