Is balancing the heroes even on the agenda?

Warning: salt and whining.

I just rolled my first SH20 hero after 20 attempts and it’s a beavering Leonidas. After I already have the ferreting Elkanen. And Thoth that cannot get his animation speed fixed because reasons.

So basically the game is throwing all of its worst heroes my way, like it KNOWS I don’t want them.

Yet another hero that would be a waste of ascension materials. Does not feel fun at all. Feels pretty unfun.

I would really like the devs to balance the heroes. There’s even the chart now prepared by the top level players (

Would it be so hard to go over it and make it so that every hero is good enough to be ranked A there?

I don’t think so. I don’t know why there are so few balance changes in this game. Every successful multiplayer game that aspires to have a competitive aspect in it readjusts its balance. It’s really high time E&P did the same.

//end rant


The biggest (im)balancing issue in the game is that the three best heroes in the game are all HotM and I’ll never be able to get them. Goodbye Ares, Athena, and Alberich. That frustrates me more than anything about this game.


i do agree with that. I do believe SG mentioned they will be bringing those heroes back though. So fingers crossed its something that will be available for f2p players


The heroes are ranked according to different uses: titan, raid, defense. So they can’t all get As…

One, there is also overall-score mark.

And two, there are heroes who don’t score A anywhere. There are heroes who score C everywhere. It shouldn’t be so, when there are heroes who score A everywhere.


Fair enough. But the bigger issue is still that ALL of the heroes aren’t available for everybody. And most of those heroes with A rankings are among those that aren’t available.


Not saying it’s not an issue, but it’d be easier to adjust normal heroes to be just as useful than to introduce events/sales/whatever for the HoTM. Doing that would alleviate the feeling of disappointment at HotMs being so elusive.

Both things should be done, but balancing wouldn’t require any sorts of big changes or decisions that must take HotM earnings into account.

Personally, I think Anchor’s scoring of each hero is unavoidably comparative to other heroes in the same color, therefore it is impossible for all heroes to be A’s, regardless of how powerful the devs make them. Besides, how would you know which heroes were powerful if none were weak?


If I roll any 5* hero and think “Oh, this is nice!”, “Just who I needed!” or “Oh yeah, amazing!” instead of "Oh jeez, not this pathetic garbage what a waste, I should feed it to Bane, cause I sure can’t waste 6 months worth of rare items on this :confused: " I’ll consider them balanced enough.

And I don’t think the list is just comparative. A hero could be an A because of their great raid performance and it could be an A because of their great titan performance.

A+ is the comparatively amazing hero there.

A is basically “This is a great choice” hero. Each 5* hero should be a great choice for something, be it amazing synergy with some type of composition or an area of a game.

5* heroes are rare. But it’s not even just that - it’s the ascension materials. Sure the Leonidas would be better than my currently available heroes, but investing darts that have taken me 6 months to acquire in a hero this bad would be a bad choice and one that I would most likely come to regret.

On top of it, receiving 5* heroes should be exciting. People pay a lot for them, or wait a long time for them. This sort of disappointment REALLY sucks. It doesn’t make for a good gaming experience.


List is nice but it seems like they gave no credit to boril and cyprian, and almost all 4* AOE heroes

Let’s not go off on a tangent about Anchor’s rating chart…let’s stay focused on the usability of 5 star heroes vs the cost of ascending them.

Due to the scarcity of ascension items for the final tier for 5 stars, when the usability gap between top heroes and bottom heroes (just talking 5 star here) is so great, that’s a problem.

Look at Thorne, Leo, Elkanan to name a few. These heroes aren’t worth ascending. They do so little when battling their peers (i.e. other standard 5 stars), that the weeks and months it takes to get the final ascension items, you want more bang for your buck. There’s just certain mechanics that are weekly implemented and slight tweaking isn’t going to bring them up to close to where their peers are. Fast hitters always have value and having multiples in each color gives you stronger options. But if you have a top tier tank, getting other lesser tanky heroes doesn’t help much.

It’s like QB in the NFL: not every QB is going to be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but when you have guys like Mike Glennon starting who can barely complete screen passes, he’s not even worth investing in (yes I’m a Bears fan). Now since SGG has complete control over all the QB skillsets, they could push Mike Glennon up into competent/good to the point where teams would sign him. Instead, they keep making tweaks (like to Elkanan) taking him from “terrible” to “sort of terrible” to “still bad”. Would you want to invest 30% of your salary cap (ascension items) on someone who is awful compared to his peers?


Couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s exactly the problem here.


wouldn’t mind seeing heroes more balanced just from the standpoint of making the raiding aspect of the game more interesting. Raiding at my level (2500 cup level five or take a few depending on the day) is so boring now cause all you see is ares tank, alby wing, mush flank…if I find a person with a unique team I will always raid them just to alleviate boredom. So from that aspect, I would love Leo, Thorne Elk and the rest to be pumped up so I can find different teams to raid.


I’m just thinking out loud here:

All heroes are on a spectrum, whether they range from “D” to “A”, or even if they’re ALL “A”…it’s a spectrum.

How much balancing can the Devs do here to satisfy all of us? I don’t want all of my heroes to be “A”. I want some to be, and I’ll strive to get those.

(Do I think some “regular” heroes should be tweaked to match HOTM’s? Sure. But that should be rare, after all, these are “A” class heroes…)

Just my two cents…


Rook - especially if you’re a low spender, getting a mediocre 5 star is a kick in the groin. There’s no reason there needs to be this huge discrepancy. Sure someone will always be on top, but the margin is too wide.

You’re talking about a months long disadvantage simply based on RNG and heroes being so far apart, that a non-trivial number of 5s might as well be 4s with crazy ascension requirements.

For a 5* hero that you have a very low % chance to get, low single digits, you should never look at that hero and say “ugh, don’t wanna spend materials on that guy” unless you already have 8x80s.


I am that low-spender who collected ascension items for months, who still only has one 5*… I’m not speaking out of my hat. :wink:


And if you’d gotten Thorne instead of Magni, would you have been excited about that? Would you have spent a Damascus Blade, Tome of Tactics, and 6 Farsight scopes on him?

EDIT - knowing that as you move up to competing with 5s, they will have Ares and Magnis and you will have Thorne?


As he was my only 5*, Yes. Because it took so darn long to get him.

I also would take another look at 4* and TC20 (which is what I’m doing now).

Would i say Thorne was great? Of course not. Would I demand that he suddenly be made as good as Magni? No, that’s silly.

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Ok. So you’ve been starved long enough that a crappy McDonalds hamburger looks good. Got it. :wink:

That’s basically it. Some heroes are $100 steaks and others are not fit for consumption. We can bridge the gap and make the low end the equivalent of a really high-end $20 burger. So yah the steak is better, but now if you have to have the burger, it doesn’t suck.


What I’m hearing though is the hamburger must be equivalent to Ribeye (adjusting a D to an A).

Again, while I want Ribeye 24/7, I think it’s silly to try to magic a Big Mac into a high-end steak. :wink:

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