Is Atomos the first hero to have mana speed changed? Answer = no

The title says it all. There have been several general adjustments to large groups of heroes over the 3+ years of E&P. I couldn’t think of any other hero who had their mana speed changed.

If Atomos is the first, does this open the door to more heroes having mana speed changed?

Post-release? Possibly.

I think it means that mana generation speed will be more closely analyzed as heroes go through Beta for the first time. June’s HOTM, Raffaele, is already getting a slight speed increase.

The bunnies from Springvale have their mana up from slow to fast !! That was a long time ago in v11.
Almost every hero has been buffed. And now some heroes get nerfed and all hell breaks loose.


Question answered by @Blord :slightly_smiling_face:


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