Is Atlantis worth it, Now....?!

This is my first Atlantis in 11 month, I haven’t looked at any hero… or summoned… Is Atlantis still worth it… after arrival of Ninjas & Seasonal Heroes that are OP… & of course loads of Valhalla crazy versatile OP Heroes…?!

Regarding the heroes section, in my opinion yes it is still worth if you don’t have the most used heroes like Proteus and Wilbur from the 4* and from 5* heroes like Mitsuko, Kageburado, Ursena, Tarlak, Poseidon, Ariel. Of course you have a chance to get these heroes at the Hero Academy.

But Atlantis is still most used for farming, during the Atlantis Rises you should only farm atlantis stages for materials :slight_smile:


It’s only good if you lack Proteus or Wilbur.

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To be honest it really does depend on your roster and which heroes you want or need.
You can still get some great heroes from Atlantis.
Additionally some of the costumes you can get make a few S1 heroes great too.
You also need to consider the odds of pulling the most wanted heroes from Atlantis, Ninja Tower event, Valhalla etc.


I find it worth it. But I like to get a bit of everything from all the game has to offer, many heroes are unique and just adds more fun to play with. :slight_smile:


Some heroes there are still top-tier, namely Kageburado, Ursena, and the best healer in the game - Ariel. Those are pretty hard to get and maybe not worth the effort. As said, great if you don’t have Proteus or Wilbur, but otherwise it’s only so-so. Also, if you have HA at Lv 10 you can get any Atlantis hero there, but chances are really slim. Anyway, I would probably go for Costumes, especially with new bunch coming with next occurence.


I don’t always chase the heroes I don’t have and there are some good ones.

But I still look forward to it because it’s a great place to pick up higher rates of farming materials.

Nice thing about this game is you are not forced to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Just about three years playing for me and I still find lots of fun and have managed to mostly forget the frustration.

Good luck all!!!

Yarr :pirate_flag:


Whilst portals like Valhalla and Ninjas may offer some pretty beefy heroes, I do think it’s still worth summoning at Atlantis as there are a number of key Atlantis heroes who don’t have a like for like upgrade from those portals.

It’s also worth noting that heroes like Hel and Miki are now locked behind portals with very low odds and large hero pools, whilst you can get Proteus and Tarlak from Atlantis who make excellent substitues in their respective roles.


@viktor_mk : farming AR is superb… wanted to know about hero summons.

With onyx, I find Me using Kage less …

Same for other heroes … :sweat_smile:


In my opinion, there are many Atlantis heroes that are worth chasing, and Atlantis Rise is great event that helps get a lot of useful resources I can’t imagine playing without it, unless the ‘normal’ farming loot is completely overworked, especially its quality/quantity/energy ratio on more difficult levels.

I do feel however that after the Tavern of Legends was added and then the odds reworked, current formula of Atlantis Portal feels odd; if we have dedicated portal now for past HotMs, why we maintain past HotMs as part of Atlantis? Featured heroes should be the Atlantis ones only at this point.

Furthermore, if the designers decided to no longer include Atlantis Coins in any normal loot which was definitely a signal of drawing the attention away from this portal, perhaps times are coming to retire this portal completely, and just add these heroes to the regular pool of the Epic Summon and Elemental Summon? Now of course that’d be a big move for those money counters at Zynga, but it kinda feels inevitable. We already have so many new portals that perhaps it’s time to close/merge the old ones to manage all this chaos.

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Farming: No better farm from all maps, except Season 2 Map on Atlantais Rises, because of discounted flag and gain more loots (including Harvester Season I, AR is still the best).

3*: Great for turney in some cases and event challenge: Gill-Ra, Melia, Namahage, Mnesseus, Cho-chin, Gato.
4*: Proteus and Wilbur both still game changers
5*: Ariel (best healer so far), Mitsuko (blue reflector), Kage (very fast dsipell one shoot), Ursena (yellow reflector), Tarlak (titan booster)

EDIT: okay Kage can be replaced by Onyx, only need 5 tiles without mana troop dispell one enemy.

EDIT2: TL;DR: I suggest in my alliance members for all (specially F2P) who does not have Proteus and Wilbur, use all gems on Atlantis Portal, that’s it.

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