Is asking for help on Titan a violation?

Asking for global help to take down Titan is a violation of rules and guidelines? because I just received a message from SG stating that there were complaints about the phrases of the Titan’s requests for help.

My guess is it may have been reported as “spam” or “off topic” depending which room & how often you posted.

If you are posting too often, people will report it as spam (i.e. you’re spamming the channel).

If you are posting askjng for help in the wrong room (say Experienced or Alliance Recruitment) you could get reported as off topic.

You can question the warning if you choose by #contact-support (click hashtag for instructions).


Can someone reports AR room use for general chat, or posting recruitment in general chat as well?
Seem all the room almost the same topic and chat, not specified like SG design for it.
And maybe SG can make another room for asking titan help, to make it easier both merc and allince who need the help.
And about AR it will be awesome if SG can make 2 different categories for that: either base one casual or active competitive alliance, or base on level or titan ***. And make the global use each category as the design, casual chat in general, recruitment in AR and idk what level.20+ use for …

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Thank you very much for the clarification friend, I will get in touch and report what happened. Hug.


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