Is Ares a good tank


People seldom discuss about Ares but always Guinevere. So my question here is how to make Ares a good tank, what flanks and wings are better with Ares to form a team.

Moreover, Khiona doesn’t seem to work well with Ares to be her +45% attack bonus may override that of Ares’ +56%.

I ask this because I plan to ascend Ares and Khiona as my first level 80 red and purple. However they seem to have a conflict in attack bonus.


Ares is indeed a good tank but it is more counterable than Guinevere, that took his spot as best Tank.

Khiona and Ares doesn’t work well together as they replace their +ATK effects and Ares is better when flanked with fast and/or multitarget offensive heroes.

example of good Ares team:


Best tank in Red color.
Add hp to allies
Add atk to allies
Add crit to allies
Great hp … great def and not bad attack for a tank.
He was always be my will never have dream hero.


I’ve had Ares since he was hotm, I usually go with fast multi hitters either side, zeline works very well with him.
So yes everything said above


A possible solution is to have a tank flanked by Ares and Khiona then the tank will benefit from at least one attack buff all the time.