Is anyone using 2 BK’s on the same D team?

Just curious cause I got my 2nd BK just now, not really thinking about doing it though… Might be kinda interesting to try if u offset their firing speeds so they don’t go off at the same time… But being able to cast Taunt immediately after the enemy cleanses the 1st firing would be nice!! Has anyone tried it yet?? I’m sure someone has… :thinking:


I have maxed emblemed one and one on 3/70. Been using them for experiments but never did use them both on defense as one is not maxed.

If they fire both, all around hitters will attack them both and you cannot control when they fire in defense so don’t really see point using them both for defense.

They would be harder to dispel if both fire, one would always be taunting. In that case it would be good to have them both in defense.

When I got second one will make a video :slight_smile:


anyone using BK AND KRAMPUS TOGETHER ? can you put both on defense team ?

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Bk and krampus together


My only Taunter is Shrubbear :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But having more than one of the them in both offense and defense is a bit counterproductive since the skill is a bit redundant when one of them could already perform the job. Among all Taunters, Black Knight is the best IMO because of the “Just A Flesh Wound” skill. A second BK on the same team both in offense and defense is a strategy I would shun since the 2nd BK slot would better be suited placing a more offensive hero to add more bite to such team. But I wont hesitate maxing a 2nd or 3rd BK just for wars. I am sitting on 27 rings with already 7 maxed fire legendaries. SG knows how to disappoint its playerbase by not giving what you need/want and by showering an abundance of something you really dont need. They are a master of that. Sorry for the rant. LOL

thank you😊 that was nice raid

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