Is anyone missing Atlantis coins?

I’ve been hoarding Atlantis coins for a long time and had acquired enough for 6 summons. Now I only have enough for 4. My son says that he had over 50, but the other day it dropped to 8.

Has anyone else had this issue?


Have you both just done the update?

I checked back on a screenshot of my coins from a 10 days ago and compared to now, and my increase since then seems plausible that none are missing.

But it’s certainly possible something is awry for you and your son.

If you haven’t already, in addition to posting here I suggest you #contact-support and submit a ticket so they can help you if it turns out to be an issue specific to your accounts.

Holding steady at 225 coins both before and after then update.

That’s what I did first. They told me to come here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I noticed right after the talent grid started.

lol Well at least all of your bases are covered…

I’m surprised Support sent you to the forum, since the staff doesn’t address account issues from forum posts. Maybe they wanted to see if it’s a bug, and wanted to see if others reported it too.

You don’t by chance have screenshots of your coin count from before the version 18 release, do you?

No… I never figured I’d need it. =\

Oh well, just figured I’d ask. Hopefully it’ll get resolved by Support or from here one way or another. :crossed_fingers:

hold 135 , after update it become 1350 , it suprised me and woke me up , ahh its just a dream


I am not a moderator

Oh well, I’m not going to complain about my lost coins anymore. I got Kageburado with the 4 pulls I had. I probably would have gotten Dawas with the other 2.


I bought 4 and I didn’t receive the Atlantis coins either.

@OVANOVA This might help:

Not only did some of my coins disappear. But I can’t get coins while farming anymore.

Just to make sure — is that your first time playing that level? You only get coins the first time you beat a level on each of normal and hard, so I just wanted to check.

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