Is anyone having a problem editing their team? [SOLVED]

This feature was working fine until last night. Suddenly it doesn’t work.

I’m referring to editing the teams and battle tools.

When you hit Heroes and then Edit Team, all I get is a blank screen with EDIT TEAM at the top, the X in the top right and Apply in the bottom right. Everything else is blank.

Anyone else having this problem? If not, how do you reach those in charge?


I have not heard of this problem, but you can email or wait for a response here.


Thanks for the help. I’ve emailed them.

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Haven’t had it. Is it fixed for you now?

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Hey, @Meditationguru!

Thanks for reaching out for assistance!
I tried to duplicate the problem on my end, and couldn’t duplicate it. I think you did the right thing by contacting Support, as @Penari suggested.


No, the problem persists. I can’t change anyone on my teams or any battle items. Frustrating.

I have not had an issue at all. Just curious, when was the last time you cycled your device?

Cycled my device? What does that mean?

I’m having a different problem: I’m trying to raid with my Team 1 (Def), yet when the Raid launches, I’m suddenly on team 2. Argh!

Cycle your device - actually power off your device, then bring it back up.

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Sorry, I mean to turn your phone off 100% and then turn it back on. Sometimes that resets internal RAM and allows issues to go away. It does not always work, but you would be shocked how often it does. :grin:

OK, I did nothing and today the Edit Team function works. !!!

I worked in the computer field for 17 years and as a result I now believe in magic.


We have an alliance member with the same issue. Any resolve ?

Как мне создать свою команду героев?

До вчерашнего дня все работало а теперь вместо команды пустой лист. Невозможно ничего изменить !!!
Раньше было так:
Вы переключаете Герои в свою команду и выходите из нее, нажимая Героя, который хотите переключиться в режиме «Редактировать команду», а затем либо нажимаете красный X на героя, чтобы удалить их из команды, либо выберите другого героя из своего списка героев для замены Героя.

Теперь это не работает со вчерашнего дня!!!